Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

I have totally been out of touch with Thoughtful Thursday posts.  But, it is time to go back to them.  Really need to try. 

Irina-- Lately, Irina has been asking if she can make this or that.  She'll notice we're running out of something and do it.  Here, she is making homemade dryer sheets out of sponges.  Getting it ready.

Max has been helping out a bunch as well.  He has been touching up paint and baseboards where needed.  Giving it a fresh look as we're selling.  He's also been doing minor repair work on the RV.  Little things that annoy us on trips but can wait.  Like the broken shade.  Got a sweet deal at Lowe's on the clearance section for nice Levolor shade.  Make took down our broken one and put the new one up.  Handyman may be his calling.  

Yana-- Yana has a new boyfriend.  However, this go around she has chosen to include her sibs on short jaunts to the store or somewhere.  They have taken them out to eat or to the store.  Just one or two at a time but very thoughtful for her to include her sibs in her life now.  

Bojan-- Bojan knows I want to get in shape and has offered to go walking with me every single night.  Though we haven't made it every night we're getting closer and learning a lot. 

Alyona-- Alyona has taken to learning how to make things to drink or eat.  Basic stuff but is always asking if someone wants something.  Thoughtful of her for sure. 
Alex-- Alex knows Logan is behind in school.  He stops any time Logan has a question and tries to help him out.  Very thoughtful of Alex. 

Logan-- Logan is being thoughtful in the way he is speaking to people lately.  this has been a long time coming.  Learning when to stop with your words.  Still needs work but marked improvement.  Not so much a thoughtful piece this week as it is a proud moment but I'll take it.

As we know, Summer has c-ACC.  Simple tasks are sometimes hard for her.  Reni has been very thoughtful lately and always willing to jump in for her little sisters that need help. She was readjusting Summer's pants here.  

Nik-- The other week, Sofie did not feel good.  Nik was very concerned and did not want her to be alone on the couch.  So, he asked to sleep with her on the couch.  Very thoughtful of him.

Summer-- When Nik asks her, she always will go play with him.  She also is willing to play with Sofie as well.  Nik really doesn't have any friends so this is important to him.  I know Summer doesn't realize that but do know she cares a lot about him and I think that's thoughtful.

Sofie--  She is always making sure the dogs are well taken care of.  Puts blankets on them if she thinks they're cold, fills there bowl up b/c she tells me they're hungry.  Just thoughtful of the dogs and makes sure they are well taken care of.

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  1. I love your thoughtful Thursday posts! So many times it is so easy to get caught up in being a mother and correcting our children's behaviors, that it is easily forgotten to remember to encourage them about the wonderful things they do accomplish and do for others each day! Thank you for reminding me of this! Ginger @ iadopted5