Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The start of soccer

So, soccer season has now officially started.  In fact, Alex and Logan are actually about half way through theirs.  They somewhat out grew the other league so needed something different this year.  We were not able to get on the league we wanted so decided to try something totally out of our element....indoor soccer.  It's in Raleigh.  30 minutes away from us.  Consensus is, we don't really like it.  We all miss the fresh air.  We miss having the same coach.  We miss having players that actually know each others name and we miss sportsmanship where players help opposite team members if they fall.  I know it's competitive and I get that.  But both boys said they don't want to play again. They are learning skills and things but just not their cup of tea.  And that's okay.  You won't see pictures either because it is surrounded by Plexiglas.  I try to take pictures and it just doesn't work out so well.  They play tomorrow, Thursday. 

Now, this is Summer on her first day of soccer practice this past Monday.  We can honestly say we missed going here.  The people, the fun, the parents actually talking to each other.  It was all awesome.  In Alex & Logan's league, there isn't much cheering and parents don't even say hello to each other.  Here, we're all asking how each other is doing, I watched another friend's child while she went for a walk with her dog,  and got to catch up with old friends and how their kids were doing and what they were up to.  Time passes quickly.  Next time I'll be walking the field.  I did happen to play soccer with Summer and Sofie for awhile while Reni practiced.  Again, it's just nice.  So, the soccer season has begun.  We're ready.  Their first game is April 5th.  And, you better believe we'll be out there.  I'll help with the concession stand here and there.  I love the atmosphere of Upwards and love how the kids have fun.  They really do enjoy.  Though Reni has already asked if she can try other sports next year.  Of course we said yes.   But, we'll miss her playing for sure.  Sofie is really looking forward to playing next season.  Watch out soccer season, we're ready this year!

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