Sunday, March 9, 2014

Random Pictures

Have some pictures that really don't fit into any category so why not group together.  Here goes.

The other day Sofie was feeling under the weather.  Nik didn't want her to sleep alone so asked if he could sleep on the couch w/ her.  said he would help her.  I said fine.  

Nik, still an angry bird fan to be sure.  Angry bird everything.

Alaska also comforts those who don't feel well.  She does this with everyone.

Camera hog Nik blocking a Summer shot.

Summer was as happy as she could be painting her derby car.  And nope, we never made it to the derby.

Alyona.  Mad Alyona.  Not sure what she was mad about.  Probably because I told her to get to work.

Okay, so the eye doc we've been going to, has been great.  Been going there forever and the receptionist knows me well.  A little too well.  See, I am notorious for losing receipts.  We have to file our own claims.  She gave me a nice little bag with a note on it.  And guess what?!  Yes, I lost this one too!  She's going to kill me.  Warren swears we mailed them off.  I'm not so sure.  That's a sign you have a little bit going on.

And that's the face of a man who hates Pinterest.  Okay, so I thought it would be an easy project.  I actually saw it in a magazine and it looked really coo.  Ours did turn out differently but still looks alright.  I have a very patient husband. He and the rest of the bunch know I am by far no Martha Stewart.  Not even close.  But, I can let others try for me, right?  

Tonight is Saturday.  Lazy day of organizing.  Went to Sam's and then rented Catching Fire which we all enjoyed.  Soccer starts tomorrow for Alex and Logan.  Then, it is a very busy week.  More pics and what all we've been up to in a bit.  Got to get that hour back somehow that the clock is taking away this weekend. 

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