Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday madness

Yes, it is not just a manic Monday post now.  LOL.  Busy day.  Okay, so Logan stayed home because he had a fever. Thankfully, just a fever and exhaustion.  Nothing more.  Get a call to take Bojan the other crutch because he can barely walk.  Come home, talk to the prosthetist and Bojan is to call him after school.  Fine.  Call from the school a bit later to come pick up Alex because he just threw up and has a fever now.  Delightful.  Off to the school I just came from.  In between this, multiple calls with the accountant on some confusing tax issues we have.  Well, not confusing but she just needed me to make sure everything was exact and explanations.  Adoption related.  Remember, we had one successful and one failed.  My accountant is going to be well versed.  Between this and the international ones, she's a wealth of knowledge.  Anyhow, more calls to docs and other places.  More stuff to try to get done.  Alyona NOT cooperating with the reading comprehension passages we were doing today.  She is seriously driving me crazy this year.  We'll muddle through though.  Made chili and mad rush to get younger kids ready for soccer practice. My friend picked them up as Alex still had a fever and you must somewhat watch with him b/c he and Max go WAY high.  Like 105/ 106 high.  Need to make sure they're stable.  He was only at 100.7 so we were plenty good.  My two boys run high fevers when they get sick.  Warren got home and we headed out for soccer.  Nice to chat with some other parents we hadn't seen in forever.  Nik found a friend and had a blast with him.  So happy.  Sofie was a whiner. Let's just say she's hit the terrible two's and hit them hard!  Remember, kids with FASD are typically half their chronological age in behavioral and emotional and social growth.  So, terrible two's it is.  But, overall, they all did great.  We stopped by Dollar General to pick up Alex some apple juice and 7-up.  Home to baths and homework.  Now, getting ready to watch Castle.  Busy but not too bad.  Working on more posts for tomorrow.  Going to ENT in the morning for Irina. 

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