Monday, March 24, 2014

Manic monday

Where did our weekend go?!  Playing catch up once again but we'll start off with Monday. 

  • Logan is home sick today.  Just a fever but exhausted.
  • Sofie has hit the terrible two's. (remember, kids with FAS tend to be half their chronolocial age behaviorally and developmentally)
  • If I hear another temper tantrum, I may have one myself
  • Digby got groomed and feels great
  • House has been just still lately in regards to potential buyers
  • Lowering house price this week b/c we really need to sell
  • Fixing RV up
  • Max painted RV bathroom this past weekend, and did some maintenance on it
  • Max and Yana are still job hunting
  • Track meet this week
  • Soccer practice this week
  • Speech therapy this week
  • Irina goes to ENT this week
  • Sofie's social security card came in wrong so need to go fix it
  • Going to take a few of the kids to get some shots
  • Bojan starts Scuba classes this week (last week they couldn't do it)
  • Desperately want this winter to end
  • Making all our summer plans/ vacation plans
  • Max's birthday is this week
  • Started printing off photos and getting some in frames
More going on but keeping busy today.  Have soccer practice tonight for Reni, Nik and Summer.  They're excited.  Making chilli for dinner and hope tomorrow's appointment for Irina will be uneventful.  We know it won't but can hope.   We are really getting a lot of organizing done around here and proud to say there is much progress.  Can't believe it myself.  More posts but for now, need to get some things done with Alyona.  Enjoy your week everyone.

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