Monday, March 10, 2014

manic Monday

Well, it's that time of the week again where we get to start all over again.  A busy week indeed for us so let's get started with a few.

  • My MRI was this morning.  Went there and I cancelled it.  More later on that
  • Summer, Reni and Nik have their soccer meeting tonight to kick off the season
  • Special needs meeting today for me
  • Speech therapy this week
  • Sofie to neuro this week
  • Alyona's MRI results this week by neurosurgeon
  • Running club tomorrow
  • Started walking again with Bojan last night
  • Enjoying gorgeous weather this week before it dips
  • Going to park probably tomorrow
  • First soccer game for the boys is Thursday
  • Kind of a free weekend except for soccer practice
  • Organizing still
  • House is still on the market 
  • Looking for property to build on
  • Yana is thinking of her future
  • Max unsure of the after high school bit
  • Irina still working
  • Knock on wood, healthy family
  • Calling doc to make sure everyone is up to par for when we transfer our records (thinking ahead for a change)
  • Trying to decide whether or not we should even bother with starting a garden if we're trying to move
  • Waiting on taxes to be done
  • Logan is struggling with school
  • Bojan is beyond excited at a recent opportunity that I'll talk about in another post
  • Realizing we were all much happier when homeschooling (hate seeing the kids dreading going to school)
  • Gut feeling that keeps coming back to me that we're not 'done' yet.  I say we are D-O-N-E and Warren says we are done.  Just can't shake the feeling.  Weird is all.  
  • Hoping for some answers on many fronts this week 
  • On a weight loss mission
Busy week but we'll get it all done one way or another.  Getting into the active season but it's what we need to do.   More to come. 

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