Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Manic Monday-- a day late

In this new season of spring (ha!...ice today), my time has seemed more occupied than usual.  Today is Tuesday and lots going on again.  So, run down of my usual Manic Monday posts.  here goes nothing.

  • 2 hour delay today for school
  • Bojan starts scuba diving classes this Friday (more on that in another post)
  • Speech therapy on different days this week for 3 kids
  • Running club this evening
  • FAS Support group this evening
  • Max staying after school
  • Bojan has a program at the high school tonight
  • Yana still has track and raiders
  • Bojan has stage band this week
  • Nik is home sick today though much better than this morning
  • Need to pick up forms from doc for Bojan
  • Few of the kids need to go in for shots
  • Need to get back to chiropractor
  • Digby goes to groomers tomorrow
  • Irina off work tomorrow
  • 5 of the kids going to the dentist tomorrow
  • Miss houseguest immensely still (her name was on the dental stuff too)
  • Have cleared lots of clutter and reorganized the house a bit
  • Making a shadow box for Sofie
  • Putting many pics in frames
  • Catching up on lingering crafts
  • Van was washed this past weekend
  • Van needs an inspection this month
  • Warren's car needs repair and a death certificate 
  • Max is going to have to be pulled from school and homeschooled over the summer as well
  • Max is actively seeking a job
  • Yana is actively seeking a job
  • Irina still works
  • Yana is exploring college options and joining the military after graduation
  • Still hoping to sell the house
  • Soccer practice is on Saturday as a makeup
  • Alex and Logan have a game on Thursday
  • Sofie is growing like a weed (happy and sad at the same time about that.  My baby)
  • Love the farmer's market bulk section.  Will be trying to go every two weeks now
  • Going to an Arbor Day event on Friday with Alyona
  • Special Olympics for Nik is coming up
  • Feeling that adoption itch and trying to contain it :) (Warren just passed out probably reading that statement.  LOL)
  • Some of my public schoolers are begging to be homeschooled
  • I'm not certain Logan will pass this year & think waiving him through may be a mistake due to language barriers (being behind from coming from another country)
  • BCBS still owes us $20K (yes, still a mess!)
  • AB has stopped debiting our account b/c realized it is NOT our fault but BCBS
  • Got Max's social fixed
  • Got Sofie's name fixed (waiting for cards to come in)
  • Taxes should be done this week
  • House is getting better at staying cleaned
  • Working on new punishments as disrespect and bickering as hit an all time high around here w/ everyone and I've had enough!
  • Looking forward to a warmer weekend
  • Waiting impatiently for spring 
That should be enough for now.  More going on but sometimes hard to fit it all in.  Right now, Sofie is napping, Nik watching a movie, and Alyona working on a lap book.  Getting ready to go do some social studies with her and math.  Running club in a few hours.  Shoot me now!  Much more to come and promise to get better on the posts.  Always said though the family comes first.  Blog is low priority.  

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