Sunday, March 9, 2014

Go Play Outside Now!

That is the name of a local establishment that the kids love.  And, they run specials.  Always a plus.  They have laser tag, giant slides, swings, basketball courts, you name it.  They have it.  So, we have had really crappy weather lately.  Last week, it was beautiful out.  What better time to go.  Friday afternoon it was.  Went with friends.  Thought I'd share a few pics with you all from that day.

Summer coming down the slide.

Nik just finished his run down.

And of course the kids and friends have to go down at once.  Sofie had already headed back up.  Lots of smiling faces.

 Sofie riding a trike.  It was practically

Summer on the tire swing.

Little Guy (I babysit) coming on down.  He and Nik went together almost the entire time we were there.  They LOVED it!  Irina was still in work clothes but enjoyed coming with us.

Nik and the rest of the group learning instructions on how to use them.  Sofie was so excited she got to be one of the big kids.

Summer trying to get Reni.

Irina goofing around for the camera.

And the child could aim too!

Thought Reni's expression was priceless.

I'm thinking she had WAY too much fun with this laser tag activity.  She was telling Little Guy a thing or two I think.  

I know I don't have many shots of Alyona & Reni but they were really hanging out with friends the whole time.  Everyone had such a fun time.  Just was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed it.  Now, our intentions are to go in March as well.  

Got to go to bed.  Stupid daylight savings time.  Lose an hour.  MRI for me at 7:45 in the morning.  What a cruel deal the day after DST.  Oh well.  Alex and Logan had soccer in their new league today.  What a workout.  They did not stop.  Tomorrow Reni, Summer & Nik have a meet and greet for their teams.  And so soccer season and track season has begun.  We will survive will become our motto.  Crockpot will be our friend.  More to come tomorrow.  Gorgeous weather may get the best of me though.

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