Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dentist and Doctor

Today is Wednesday.  Phew, busy.  And, I couldn't drive.  Let me explain.  Yesterday, I woke up dizzy.  Today, very dizzy and couldn't move my neck.  So, knew I'd have to go to the doctor.  A friend was my chauffeur.  We dropped Alyona & her daughter off at art class.  Then, I was taken to the doc and dropped off.  Long wait.  While all this was happening, kids were picked up from 3 different schools.  Glad my van had gas.  LOL.  Well, to a point.  See, they had a dentist appointment today.  6 of them.  Anyhow, on to my doc visit.  He looked inside my ear and told me some big long word that I had to do with my ears.  In addition to that, the rocks inside my ear/ head are off balance.  Vertigo.  And, neck spasms.  Sounds fun.  It's not.  He wanted to give me prednisone. I said no.  So, Flonase, antivert and time.  3 days to two weeks for healing!  Yikes!  Off to the dentist

Last week, we visited the dentist w/ 5 of the kids.  All clear.  No cavities, no issues whatsoever.  Could we really do 0 to 11?  Yep!  6 went today and no cavities, no issues.  With a report like that, lollipops in the car ride home.  I know, terrible.  Was great news to be sure and hope they keep it up.  We've had a great run with no issues and their teeth. 

Tomorrow, Thursday, Logan and Alex have a soccer game.  We sign for our taxes in the morning.  Oh, and it's Max's birthday!  Hard to believe he'll be 19yo.  Need to make a cake or at least some cupcakes.  We'll see.  Maybe he'll get a card or two in the mail.  That would be wonderful.  enjoy your night.  Have banana bread in the oven I need to check on. 

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  1. I recommend my dentist in every regard. I have had several veneers put on that still look like they did when I first got them approximately 12 years ago!