Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bojan's Opportunity

Bojan and us were approached by the school last week.  Well, actually a senior doing a senior project here.  Hers is to teach physically challenged students to scuba dive.  Asked him if he would be interested in doing so.  There is no cost to us.  Plenty of one on one too.  He starts this Friday.  He'll attend a few classes first and then go in the water.  He will actually get a certification out of this!  The senior and 3 other instructors will be teaching them.  This will be a challenge for Bojan to be sure.  Even his prosthetist said he'll flip over.  He has to learn to balance the weight of the tanks and many other things.  I think this is an amazing opportunity to for him to try something out of his comfort zone.  There may be a bit of press coverage and photo shoots.  I'll share links if they go that route.  Love that they thought of him.  Only 2 students are doing this.  Exciting, huh?  Just had to share the news.  Well, got to get back to social studies with Alyona.  And, get ready to go to running club with the elementary kids.  So, maybe I'll get a picture of him in all his gear in a few weeks.  No limitations!

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