Saturday, March 29, 2014

Arbor Day-- time to get trees

So, even though we plan on moving, we still love trees.  And an excuse to get out of the house and get some.  On Arbor Day the other week, our local park was giving away trees. They do this every Arbor Day and every member of the household can get one.  now, don't get too excited.  By trees we mean seedlings that are just a couple of inches high with roots.  You have to start somewhere though, right?  Took Alyona and Sofie and went with a friend and met friends there.  Such a splendid day.  Could not have picked a more gorgeous day to go to the park.  We got our trees but then also played on the playground for a bit.  We could not stay long that day as we had to get home and do other errands.  The time away though was well spent.  Took some pictures of Sofie and Alyona while there.  Obviously, other kids were in school.

Sofie in all her spunk.  Love her to pieces even if she drives me crazy some days.

Alyona enjoying the slide.

Sofie loved climbing up and down these things.

Don't know why I love this shot but I do.  She looks SO grown up to me in this picture.

Alyona coming down the slide on her knees.  Shh, don't tell the neurosurgeon please.

We went with friends but try not to post of others.  Was a nice group of kids there and Alyona and Sofie got plenty of play time with friends.  And you can tell by the sunshine how beautiful a day it was.  This upcoming week we have a very busy week planned.  But, fun kind of busy and learning as well.  Alyona is starting Spanish and she is SO excited about it.  Well, got to go.  Trying to hang up pictures today and get little things done.  Bojan is at scuba class.  Max has a friend over, Yana is going on a date in a few hours, and the rest of us are just relaxing for one last weekend.  I think our next free weekend doesn't come till June!  Lazy, rainy day and we're loving it.  No plans are sometimes the best ones.  Even got the house cleaned up this morning.  Hope everyone has a pleasant weekend.

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