Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wow! Did life ever get away.

So, been a long time since I wrote on here.  For me, it's probably been the longest blog break but was totally needed.  Our life got a little more crazier than usual and as I've always said, this has got to be last priority and kids come first.  Plus, snow days.  Hey, in NC, that is a huge deal.  We are showing our home for the first time this Saturday.  Excitement is in the air b/c we know typically, the first showing will tell you what folks don't like about the house and gives you a chance to do some changes for next time.  Average here for selling a home I believe is 6 months so we have a ways to go if we are to be normal.  Course, when have we ever done 'normal' before?  So much to tell you all.  IEP meeting to school stuff to child wanting independence to Bojan speaking w/ his bio sibs via Facebook to having trouble w/ AB and getting our $20K back for implants to all sorts of things happening at once.  Literally seemed to be all at once.  Not to mention last few days sinuses and I have not been getting along too well.  Can not wait to share quite a few happenings.  Right now, Yana needs to print something off.  Will most definitely be back on here w/ posts.  I'm in a writing mood and since I can't lay down and actually breathe, I may be up here awhile writing posts.  LOL.  Much, much more to come to be sure!  And pictures.  Let's not forget snowday pictures!!!  Here's one to go on:

Summer enjoying some snow time.  Can't wait to share all the pics. 

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