Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring Sports Season

So, what is coming up at Chaos Manor in regards to sports and activities for the kids?  Well, Yana is doing track at high school and ROTC Raiders.  That should keep her busy and out of trouble.  LOL.  Bojan is looking at doing swim team once he gets to high school next year.  Finding out the logistics for all that and he'll practice this summer.  It also depends upon where we may move to.  For now, Bojan is still having a passion for music.  So, he has after school practices on Fridays for that. 

That brings us to soccer.  Soccer starts in March.  Unfortunately, Upwards changed their age parameters this season so Sofie isn't eligible yet to play.  Has to wait till she is 5yo.  No worries though as she'll play on the sidelines for sure.  Summer, Reni and Nik will be practicing on Mondays and have games on Saturdays.  Logan and Alex will be doing soccer at another league this season.  They have games on Thursdays and their practices are yet to be determined the day.  That should keep us quite busy during the week I do believe. 

This weekend, we will be going to a local special needs event put on by a senior doing their project for graduation.  We'll also be doing our monthly shopping.  Do that at the beginning of each month to stock up.  Would love to go to a park if weather permits.  Dying for spring to come along.  Just getting things done and gearing up for soccer season to happen.  Having ALL cleats and shin guards on the front porch in a big basket makes it so, so much easier to find stuff on game days.  Truly does. 

Alex and Logan are interested in the indoor soccer they'll be doing. They've never done that before.  So, we'll see how it goes.  Need to find indoor soccer shoes though.  Looking.  Meant to post this last night but Warren is working on the computer/ blog.  The blog starting this weekend will be losing stuff/ posts/ pictures.  Our google account for storage is shutting down.  They changed quite a bit how much you pay.  So, we're changing all that.  Time for a change anyhow, this just makes it happen faster.  Will let you know when we come up with the new blog and such.  changing things up a bit.  More in a bit.  Need to put Sofie down for a nap and get Alyona started on some of her workbooks for today.  Enjoy your week everyone.

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