Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Days in NC-- a rarity (part 1)

Unlike the northern states, when southerners get snow, they savor it.  Why?  Because it is such a rarity that we get snow, we enjoy every bit of it from start to finish.  Yes, kids down here will sled till there is mud.  Kid you not.  Just the way it goes.  We set out the bowls the night before to have fresh snow cream the very next day.  We LOVE snow in the south b/c it is so rare and so short lived, we want to be buried in it.  We fit all the snow activities in one short day b/c we know here, it most likely won't be around but a day or two.  So, the anticipation when the news says snow is almost too much for kids and parents alike to bare. 

He couldn't even wait to get outside.  So, barefeet and all, he went out to see the first snow fall.

Pics stuck together.  Nik and Summer trying to catch snowflakes.  I did the same thing that evening.   Bojan and I went on a walk.  Talking, catching snowflakes.  Then, I came back w/ him and I HAD to test the snow to see if we could sled the next morning.  So, I went sledding a few times.  First one down at 11 something at night.  Peaceful, fun and awesome.  I was met with "really, Mom?"  Oh well.  And how can you not love snow when waking up and seeing this??  It is just beautiful.  Makes you want to play and enjoy life to the fullest before the snow melts.  We love it!

Since the big kids always go hang out with their friends and I rarely see them the rest of the day, I make them take a group shot for kicks or they can't go w/ friends.  They oblige.

Nik is starting to hang more with Alex and Logan b/c he's our daredevil.  Needs the big kid thrill.  So, here he is w/ a soccer ball before he hauls off.

Alyona in the snow.  Sweet...for now.

Irina also loving the snow day and day off work.

Sofie ready for playing.  She was NOT a fan of the cold. Wanted to come back in right away.

Normally, Max and Bojan do this every single time it snows.  This time, he enlisted a friend.

They stick their heads in the snow to see who can last the longest.  I won't give you my opinion on this b/c well, frankly it is self-explanatory.

Bojan won.  Though I personally would not call freezing your face off winning.  Logan taking it all in. 

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