Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Days in NC-- part III

See, I didn't neglect the blog yesterday or today.  Need to keep it up.  You know, so I can have an excuse not to clean the house for the showing tomorrow.  Just kidding.  Kids are coming home from school today and we'll be making it happen.  Shoot, the thought of all of them having their own room sends us all into a frenzy to sell.  Hoping for a 12 bedroom home which just sounds insane to say.  They'll always be room and that's all we'll say about that.  Guests come and go here all the time.  And, if someone needs help, we'll help them out.  Got to remember, most likely, we have a few leaving the house soon and moving on with young adulthood.  More on all that later though.  Right now, it's time to finish the snow pics.  So, here we go.

No, she is not supposed to be shovelling snow.  Granted, Max had come earlier and did most the sidewalk.  

What would an event in our home be without a naked Barbie.  And painting bathing suits on them is just going to mean spilled nail polish I have to clean up.  They do have clothes, they do.  The purple hair is Summer and Sofie's favorite Barbie.  So yes, they fight over it.  She wanted to take it to school so I demanded Barbie gets dressed.  She obliged.  Apparently, she got undressed at school b/c she came home undressed yet again.  LOL.  Course, every home I go to has dolls without clothes so not complaining.  

Alyona with a ball of snow....for eating.  Not throwing.  No, never throwing.  Ha!

Nik getting to make some wicked snowball.  This kid is totally out of a Calvin and Hobbs cartoon.  

Reni falling off the sled when I snapped it.  

Was time for some more sledding.  This time, in the middle of the road.  

Alex trying to get Bojan up the hill.  Bojan does have tremendous trouble still on the ice.  Still getting used to being a double amputee.  

Nik headed down.  Fearless.

Okay, may get yelled at for this pic but after everyone came in later in the afternoon, some took a nap.  Nothing wrong w/ that!  Caught Yana and Sofie taking a nap.  Thought it was sweet.  Hey, you catch a rare moment, you take it.  LOL.

What day in the snow would not be complete w/ snow cream.  Made and stored a pile.  We still have some.  Going to let them eat it Valentine's Day.  

All in all, we had a fantastic time in the snow here in NC.  School was cancelled for three days.  Yes, three days.  But, we enjoyed every minute of it.  Though, cabin fever sets in towards the end.  More posts to come.  Showing the house tomorrow so lots to do tonight!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the snow. Here in Ohio, we are pretty much tired of it after two months of nearly always snow-covered grounds and frigid temps. I am ready for spring.

    What is snow cream? I thought it was icecream made from snow, but looks different in the photo.