Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Days in NC-- Part II

And back to snow days.  We all went our separate ways.  Kids went to death hill.  Well, the huge hill in our neighborhood where everyone goes to sled.  You can reach truly lightening fast speeds.  This snow wasn't really that good for it.  Last time, we had a sheet of ice adn then snow.  People would guard mailboxes b/c if you hit one, you were knocked out.  yes, that fast.  But, kids told me not this time.  Figured as ice.  It's one of those hills that when you walk down it, you dread walking up it.  LOL.  Anyhow, I took the little kids sledding.  Warren was not up to sledding and plus, was actually working from home.  So, off we went to our culdesac next door.  Big hill there but not 'death hill.'  This one is more for the little kids who are still daring.  Going to really miss this neighborhood in the snow.

Sofie getting ready to go.  She insisted on carrying the big sled.

Summer pushing Alyona down.  I let her go.  I know, I know, she's not supposed to do this yet.  Wasn't the big hill.  

The little hill they were going donw.  Nice, huh?

Alex trying to lug Reni and Nik up.  He had just come back from Death Hill.  Disappointed.  Poor kid wanted a huge hill.  Daredevil as well.

Summer enjoying her taste of snow.

Kids coming back in for a hot cocoa break.  I had made pancakes and sausage for breakfast.

Nik enjoying hot cocoa and marshmallows.

More of the hot cocoa break.  Sunlight provided.

perfect time for a nap later.  Max in the new chair.  They love the new chair.  Found it on one of our local yardsale sites.  Lazy Boy for $30!  After hot cocoa, we all watched a movie before heading back out yet again.

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  1. Good to hear from you guys again. Hope your sinus infection goes away soon.