Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Prepping for the Storm

Okay, so we live in NC.  Storm is coming.  Being that I have lived near the coast as well as Warren, prepping for snow here is on the realm of prepping for the hurricanes.  The big thing now is the cold.  After hurricanes come through, typically, it is okay to be w/out power and not freeze or burn up too much.  With this storm, a bit different as temps are down.  Chilly.  those in the Midwest, don't make fun of us.  20's & 30's for this area is chilly.  Anyhow, they been saying to prep for a few days w/out power.  If you saw the national news, you saw NC on there and how well they, ahem, handled the traffic when the snow came.  Took Warren three hours to get home.  We live 26 miles from his work.  But, he made it home.  Many had to walk or seek shelter somewhere.  Next part of the storm coming is the ice.  All of us are pretty much waiting to see if we lose power.  We are very lucky in that we have an RV which has power and heat if we need it.  Though, would cost us a pretty penny in gas.  Push comes to shove, it's there.  For now though, just waiting it out.  We have all gotten a bunch done today believe it or not.  All laundry is done. Stuff cleaned out from under t he couch.  -- don't ask.  Coupons clipped.  Paper piles sorted.  Part of a family project started.  Banana bread made.  Laundry detergent made for the next few months.  House cleaned.  Truly, I'm shocked we were that productive in between watching movies or playing outside.  Yesterday, we did a little prepping as well.

Kids had a few friends come over for lunch and it had started to snow then.  Of course they had to go outside and test it out.

Two boys down for the count during a snowball fight.  They had to do lots of scraping in the beginning to even get a snowball to form.

And they are back up ready to go again.

Alex, just before coming in for lunch.

Okay, so we saw something online we had to check out.  Not sure why we just didn't ask Warren first.  No, it won't heat your home folks but if your hands are freezing, it will keep them warm.  Hey, always worth a try.  Let it warm up while we cooked the pizzas.  They only took 15 minutes to cook.

Believe it or not, this pizza was really good.  We usually make our own but for pre-made, this was decent.  Came from Walmart in case you're wondering.

We even experimented to see if aluminum foil would hold in the heat better.  Umm, nope.  We all had fun for a little bit and then it was back to prepping for today.   More posts.  But, if there aren't any for a while, you'll know we lost power at some point.  Enjoy the snow if you have it.  Hoping tomorrow we get to sled some more.  No school.  No work for Warren either.  What are the chances any will sleep in.

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