Monday, February 24, 2014

Miscellaneous pictures

Wow, really 4 posts today?  After this I'm writing a reference letter for a friend so I need to make this one quick.  Thought I'd share a few pics from the last two weeks.  Just here and there pictures.  Gives you an idea of what's happening around Chaos Manor.

Summer being Summer.  Silly.  And yes, this is how she'd wear her scarf.  

Alyona deciding not to do her school work.  Told her do it or I take a picture.  Sometimes it works, sometimes, it doesn't.  Today, she did 28 pages in a workbook.  During this picture, nothing.  Just looking for more consistency from her.

Digby loves to sit outside.  Even when it's cold.  Put the old papasan cushion down and he stays here pretty much all day long.  Barks when he wants in.  

Max and Alaska and then Nik trying to photobomb the picture.

I know you can't see it but Max is smiling.  Sofie loves big brother Max.  She has severe apraxia so it never comes out Max.  Instead, a** is his name.  We all crack up but she can't help it.  Working on it.  Everyday though, he comes home from school and spends a few minutes playing with Sofie.  Whether lifting her up or chasing her around or sitting on the rocker with her.  She eats it up.

And, I do believe she loves her big sister just as much.

 Nik enjoying a sweet treat.  While at the store, Warren bought us all a Cadbury Egg.  Hit the spot.

Summer with a goofy look on her face.  Looking at a library book

Digby helped the kids clean up their table after they ate some chips.  Now, this dog doesn't really move for anything.  Yet, here we find him up on the table.

Sofie, Bojan and Alyona looking at new leg covers for Bojan's new socket since he outgrew his again.

Well, Warren is going to do some computer maintenance this evening.  So, offline tonight.  But, gives me a chance to catch up on some other things to do around here.  Last art class takes place here tomorrow.   Need to print out a spelling list for Alyona.  So, have a great evening and will be doing a year here post for Sofie soon.  Been over a year now.  Unbelievable!  More to come. 

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