Monday, February 24, 2014

Manic Monday

Wow!  Almost 2 weeks away.  Trust me, had a lot to say but life took over.  Currently, Reni is home sick.  Logan came home today from school but ahem, he played off her being sick to get out of staying at school.  Hey, call it like I see it.  Reni however, is indeed sick.  She seems to be on the upswing though.  Sofie was sick a little as well  but truly, think hers was more allergy related.  Just been trying to stay above water lately so the blog took a backseat.  So, will do better at keeping it up b/c I think we finally got things to where they n eed to be now.  I hope.  So, start off w/ a Manic Monday post and go from there.

  • signed up boys for soccer finally
  • soccer season starts second week of March for all kids playing
  • Sofie is unable to play this season but will next if she wants to
  • my girls tend not to do dance even though I let them try
  • house on the market officially
  • getting appraisal done on it in the near future
  • looking for property all over
  • really cleaned up the inside of house
  • cleaning up outside next weekend
  • speech therapy this week
  • may have to switch up speech therapy as insurance benefits changed 
  • Alex's IEP was today and went fine
  • I have cardiology appointment
  • not sure if I said on here but my mammogram was clear
  • Irina may need major surgery
  • Alyona may have complications from her surgery
  • I need an appointment for my left hand (not sure what's up but something isn't quite right)
  • eye doc appointments were last week and they went fine
  • questionable on Max's graduation status (more on that one)
  • Yana wants to join the military after high school
  • Bojan is looking into possible swimming in school
  • beautiful day outside
  • made brownies today
  • got Yana a formal dress this past weekend for an upcoming ball
  • am exhausted from being woken up in the middle of the night the past few nights
  • can't wait for spring
  • cleaning out RV
  • planning all our trips this year
  • taxes at the accountant
  • made a to do list that should qualify as a book
  • need to make a new blog by week's end 
Oh lots happening at Chaos Manor.  We're surviving.  Getting ready for a new season in our lives in so many ways.  More to come.  Glad to be back on here.  Love sharing our ups and our downs.  

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