Monday, February 24, 2014

Couch versus child

Okay, so Valentines Day happened.  Nothing special here.  Trust me, we had a bunch going on at once and really didn't even realize the date to be honest.  Hey, it happens sometimes.  That day, I had told Sofie, as so many times before, to stop running on the couch or you're going to fall.  You can guess what happened next.  Head met the corner of the coffee table.  It was a hard call whether to take her in or not b/c I knew it would only need one or two stitches at best.  Could heal on its on possibly but with her FAS, I know how they dig at things.  So, took her to our doc.  They know us there and the kids issues.  Helps.  Had time to kill b/c it was quite the wait in line.  So, took her to Walmart.  Why not drag a child bleeding from her head through Walmart?  LOL.  Truly, it wasn't gushing and the alternative was sitting w/ a room full of people who you knew had the flu.  Not an option.  Walmart it was.  Plus, provides a great distraction to a child. 

No stitches, glue instead.  She did not like that process.  Now, the glue is where things get interesting.  You know my kids and well, many FAS children can not leave things alone.  Or, at least that has been my experience with ours.  Sofie is the same way.  So, the other day, I'm looking at her and kept looking at her.  Kept thinking she looked weird.  Well, here's why:

She kept picking at the glue.  Until the entire strip of the eyebrow was gone!  I could not believe it.

And yes, a bit dirty b/c we weren't allowed to give her a bath for a few days.  How this did not hurt her, I'll never know.  Ouch!  Redness is gone but strip missing is still there.  Not sure how long eyebrows take to grow back but we'll find out.  

But when Warren met me at the doc's office Valentines Day, he had chocolate covered strawberries in the front seat.  Yep, made it all better.  I'm sure Sofie's stunt will be the first of many in years to come.  When Max broke his wrist a few years ago, doctor said I truly am amazed you are not in here more often.  Me too.  Let's keep it status quo for sure.  No more accidents.  We have been fortunate in that regards.  With all the tree climbing, skateboarding, trampoline jumping, stunt dares, bike riding, that my kids do, a sheer miracle they're not needing more stitches or casts.  Very grateful for that.  We make up for it in surgery time I do believe.

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  1. Three thoughts:

    1) This is why we no longer have coffee tables.
    2) Sofie is just getting a head start on waxing her eye brows.
    3) They used glue on Emilia's heart surgery scar, too.