Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sweet gifts

I know I have been so very far behind on posts.  It's not for a lack of trying.  It's because life happens and well, kids come first.  Blog is very low priority.  Though as kids are playing w/ new toys, this is perfect catch up time. 

Getting ready to open a package that came.

I know it's blurry but Alyona cracked me up here.

Any guesses of the sweet treat we were opening?  Big box too.

HUGE box of cookies.  Delicious cookies I might add.

And we started the munch down right away.  And yes, don't worry, boys got plenty.  Thank you very much Uncle Chris and Aunt Mindy.  We enjoyed it.

We opened another sweet treat on a different day.  A local box this time.  Came with a note inside.

Tried to take pics of all of them smiling.  Sofie was a bit too busy looking to see if she could eat the entire chocolate bar herself.

A little bit better.  Kids really liked this gift.  It was all the things needed to make s'mores for everyone!  Very cool and my kids love doing this.  Thanks to coach Chris and family.  Was just as tasty as it looked.  

My kids over Christmas really did get treated to goodies.  Was wonderful and definitely made our month after a challenging time as well.  November as you recall was very difficult for our family.  It's the little things and being thought of that make a difference to them.  Thanks to all for making their lives a bit sweet this year.

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