Saturday, January 4, 2014

Surprise visit to Santa

So the other week, we went to Meadow Lights.  Rode the train, got candy at the candy shop, etc.  Came home and we were pretty tired.  But, a friend called from her church and said you must bring the kids down here NOW to see Santa. I mean we had literally just taken off our shoes.  Reluctantly, I loaded them up and went.  Not that I didn't want to go to the church or see people or what have you, but simply, I was dead tired at that point.  Glad I did not stay home!  They had a lot of fun and smiles were worth it.  And, they even had gifts for all the kids.  How awesome is that?!  Even Yana's friend that came with us.  Only deal was, if you got a present, you HAD to sit on Santa's lap for a picture.  All the teens had fun w/ that though.  Thinking something is stupid truly brings out some good smiles. 

Yeh, this is as far as Sofie got this season w/ Santa.  Every time before this it was just a high 5 so this is a success.  

Nik knows the routine by now and is happy to oblige.

Summer's smiles seriously can't get any bigger.

And we even managed to get the teens to sit on Santa's lap.

Alex was willing and able.  You know, for a present.  LOL.

Is she at all red?

And this goes to show that  you are never too old for Santa.

Alyona, pre-surgery and a happy time.

Oh yeh, Santa sitting was worth it mom!  Her hair was a wreck that day after so much activity.  Love that look of pure excitement though.

Not sure, is Santa or Bojan bigger here?  BTW, Max was at home working on the charcoal b/c at this time, we still hadn't eaten yet.  Crazy, crazy day we had.

Summer trying to hold her gift while looking at others.

What?!  More make up?  Seriously though, the kids, old and young alike, had a great time.  Was very sweet of the church to invite us and us to be able to go last minute.  Loved it.  This was after our afternoon/evening at Meadow Lights.  Needless to say, the young ones slept great that night.

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