Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Surgery Catching Up

Okay, so last one on here, I combined a few of the other short ones.  Just copying and pasting a bunch from FB and then will catch everyone up over the next day or so.  Been a wild ride, that's for sure!

Surgery update #6: please say a prayer for Alyona and some some good vibes this way. Still having nausea. In addition , she is now running a fever of 100. Nurses staying on top of everything but this is nuts. Alyona says "this is the worst surgery ever!" I must agree. I want the next update to be positive.

Surgery update #7: not so well. Meds have been given. Alyona still running a fever. Also, running tachy. Bp is normal. Bolus added as not enough output. At this point, she is finally trying to sleep. Pls. Think of Alyona and send some positive thoughts and prayers her way. Thx. Next update has got to be positive.

Surgery update #8: finally a little relief for her. Alyona finally went to sleep. And hasn't thrown up for almost two hours. Hr is down. Still elevated but not as bad as earlier. Output is good again. She will have to sit up today and stand. Waiting to check on fever but does not feel as hot to me. My concern with fever wasn't as much post op stuff as it was viral. Keep posted as day moves on. Slept about thirty minutes thus far. Long day as told this will be the worse. Really? I don't see how much worse after last night it can be.

Had a few visitors today. Alyona wasn't up to it. Was running a fever then and still is. 100.7. Kids brought me some food and supplies, like a brush. Forgot mine yesterday. Great news is she is really hungry she told me. Bad news....can't eat till tomorrow. Or drinking. Ice chip diet. Good news, no vomiting since this morning.

Surgery update #9: Alyona's temp is now up again. It is at 101.9. They gave her more Tylenol. Said it's normal up to 48 hours after surgery. It is wait and see. Send positive thoughts this way please.

Surgery update #10: wahoo!!! Fever is on its way down. Her color has come back as we'll as her appetite. Once doc makes rounds, we can change orders for her to eat. Do I dare say we are on the upswing? Let you know in a few hours.

Some have asked how Reni is since she too did have surgery this week. Off all pain mess except basic Tylenol here and that when needed. She is being picky but not what you think. She somehow thought this was the opportunity to pick and choose what she wanted to eat. Btw, regular diet was like third day or so. Reni assumes now she can eat junk like say cake or cookies but not scrambled eggs. Ha! We've done this too many times before kiddo. So bottom line she is sore but recovering nicely. Need to schedule her a post-op visit. Keep warren in your thoughts and prayers as tomorrow he heads in for surgery as well. He'll be at REX. I will still be here. Thanks to all those who have made it possible for this week to happen and make us feel somewhat less overwhelmed.

Alyona is sleeping right now. Busy day for her. A few more lines out this morning. She sat up, stood up, and walked! We also took her in the wheelchair to the aquarium and playroom area. She ate for the first time today. Still only on clear liquids but no vomiting so that order will be changed soon. Today wore her out but she is handling it like a champ. She is no longer hooked up to machines. Still has two lines in as just in case thing but won't need them. Been switched over to all oral meds. Making progress.

Doc this morning forgot to change her orders regarding food. URGHH!!! Nurse was paging him all day. They finally answered page & apologized but can't give orders until officially speaking with surgeon. Nurse urged him at least to give go ahead on crackers in case we don't hear back from surgeon. As a parent, I may just have to take jurisdiction over this one. Kid is hungry and juice and jello don't cut it.

Finally doc put in orders for the regular diet. Let her go to the cafeteria and pick out anything she wanted. She got cereal....cocoa krispies. Told the nurse several times "this cereal tastes so good". LOL. Also ate a piece of candy a friend brought. She is having an allergic reaction again. I noticed it earlier and told nurse. She put in order so we'd have the oral meds tonight.

2:42 a.m. Both up. Asking for more pain meds. Walking the halls at 2 is kind of creepy. Good way to shoot a movie. Pain meds in, another IV out as rash is developing again. Only one IV to go. Hasn't, had anything intravenously since Saturday. Hoping to break out of here on Monday if we're lucky.
Plan today is.....discharge!!! Not for awhile though. X-rays must be done and clearance from PT. she will be tired. Her white count is low (think he said white) due to her blood loss but not enough to do a transfusion so that is good. I asked what I should do about it since she's a little anemic from the loss and he said nothing. So good. Each of us only slept about 4 hours of choppy sleep. We miss home.
Please say a prayer and send some good thoughts warren's way today as he goes into surgery. And for Alyona's continued healing. Doc told me this is one of the most painful surgeries someone can have. Alyona though going home has weeks to months to recover fully. Hoping this is the last of the surgeries for awhile. I can not thank friends enough for helping with meals and with child are. Has made this week possible. Enjoy your week. Ready for sleep soon
Cleared via x- ray, PT, and pharmacy. Now, to pack up while Alyona sleeps. She is wiped out totally and in pain. Long recovery but she will be fine. Ready for a surgery free 2014 for everyone. Be home in a few hours. Anyone is allowed to stop by and say hello. Just know, Alyona will be tired.
Explain the last 48 hours in the next day or so.  Crazy stuff.  Let's see, in the past week, We have done 3 surgeries at 3 different hospitals, had Christmas, Irina's birthday, fighting with Advanced Bionics, keeping kids in order, trying to get insurance stuff organized before year's end, and much, much more.  Hence, the blog absence.  Catch up some tomorrow.   And many pictures to catch up for sure.  More to come.

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