Saturday, January 18, 2014

Such a slacker I am!

Blog has been slightly neglected this week.  However, we're trying to get our house on the market, kids are having exams, Nik's new CI's made his head raw and frankly, a lot of other little happenings that made the blog fall to the wayside to allow life to catch up.  sorry folks, but not all rainbows and unicorns here.  This is real life!  But, over the hump and ready to keep going.

Busy week for sure.  Right now, working on selling things still around the house.  How the world you make a house look like 13 people don't live here, I'll never know.  That poor RV is getting filled up.  Acting more as a storage unit at the moment.  Not camping till spring so have a few months.  Selling things as I go along. Getting things in order school wise. 

Alyona is having a little bit of a complication after surgery.  Calling surgeon next week to see if it's permanent or just part of the healing process.  Hoping for the latter.  Warren is fine now as is Reni.  Warren has one more post op to go.  Otherwise, all are healthy and hope to stay that way.  Logan and Alex had eye exams this past week.  Neither need glasses so we're good there.  Have gotten to talk w/ a few friends this week and made it really nice.

This week, it was my birthday.  The above cake was made by my friend's daughters for me.  It was chocolate w/ chocolate chips, butter cream icing and crushed candies on top.  Sweet is an understatement.  We all ate it and loved it.  My friend Jennifer even took me out for Chinese for lunch!  Was wonderful to get out w/ a friend.  Sofie loves crab ragoons and chicken w/ sweet & sour sauce.  My kids sang happy birthday to me that evening.  Was a very pleasant day.  Little Guy's family even gave us a gift card to go out to lunch with.  So, at some point Warren and I are going to Applebee's for dinner.  How awesome is that?!  

I will catch up over hte weekend.  But, with selling a lot of items and trying to coordinate pick ups and the like, it makes time a little hard to come by.  Just know, all are healthy here and all are starting to come around to the fact that we're going to move.

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