Thursday, January 2, 2014

School surprise and looming in the room

Wow, 4th post today.  Watch out!  On a roll and determined to play catch up.  Some of the kids are downstairs peeling and slicing all the apples for homemade applesauce.  We even have ice cream to go on top of it. Yum.  These are some pics before Christmas. 

Nik with a gift he got from school.

A new football!  He was excited.

She's a nut.

Summer signing candy for whatever reason I don't know.

Summer showing me she can do the rainbow loom bracelets like her sibs.  And for someone like Summer, this is pretty incredible.

Kids working hard on some new bracelets.

Summer, quite proud of herself.  Background is Reni trying to fit too small of shoes on Bojan.  His feet grew and he has no feet!  LOL.  We need to get him some new shoes for sure. 

Camera hog Nik wanted a picture.

I know you can't tell exactly what this is.  This is Sofie with her new towel.  See, ALL my kids get a monogrammed towel after being adopted.  I get them from the Company Store.  Yes, pricey but the ONLY towels that have ever lasted in this house.  Ever!  Max & Irina still have theirs from years upon years ago.  Still look as good.  Great quality.  And, if there IS a problem, company has always been great about fixing it.  So, now that Sofie is officially ours, it was time for her to have her own towel with her name on it.  She was supposed to lift it up and show you the name but well, that didn't happen.  LOL.  Ordered some new ones for the other kids as well w/ some gift money we were given.  Makes it easier on the bathrooms as well as on trips.  Lessens confusion ten fold. 

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