Saturday, January 18, 2014

Old house/ new house

So, we have decided to move.  Something that has been in the works for three years now.  Plans were to do it last year but with Sofie and Houseguest here, plans most definitely changed.  Back to the fact we need to sell.  Need a little more space to do what we want to do.  We want to be able to grow a bit of our own food.  Can't do that in the yard we have even though we have an acre.  Some of our kids when older will not be leaving home.  Need the house to adjust with growing needs of the older kids.  We need some more cost cutting ideas that just can't happen in this home.  That being said, moving is the best option for us at the moment.  Max has been playing around with designs.  Here is the house we're in:

This is our current home.  It is not small one bit.  It's around 3400 sq. ft.  However, when we moved in, we had two kids and it was designed for that.  We've made it work over the years.  A different set up altogether would be in our family's best interest as well as the interest of others who seem to stay w/ us from time to time.  We always seem to have visitors throughout the year.  

I should have shown the floor plan that he came up with first b/c it would make the outside make more sense.  I actually am not quite sure what part of the house this is.  LOL.

A row of bedrooms.  There is a wing on each side of the main part of the house.

A closer view of things.  Umm, I'm guessing Max wants satellite.  LOL.  He drew a dish in!

One of the side doors.  Love Max's take on the lights he wants for the house.

Front door.  Someone is going to be doing a lot of window washing.

Looks partially like a barn I would say.  These are just drawings Max is doing to give us more of a vision of what we possibly want our home to look like.  Nothing is set in stone and truly everything hinges on the sale of this house.  We can dream all we want but can't do two house payments so one has to happen before the other can.  Our systems are not built here to accommodate 13 people.  Don't get me wrong, it works, just we could get it to work better for our family by having a different set up.  Sturdier things for example when someone w/ braces or no legs can grab and pull up.  It's the little things we want to incorporate in this home that will make a difference.  There will be room for the teens to have more of a rec room area and also a space for more of a therapy room for those who could use it.  Lots of ideas, lots of things we can do but can only take it one step at a time.  First step, listing the house.  Give you the link when we have it.  Going to be a life changing year for sure!   These are all ideas flowing in our heads of what we want in our new house.   It's kind of cool to see Max bring some to life.  Really should put the floor plan on.

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