Saturday, January 25, 2014

Northerners Will Laugh

So, NC is equipped deal with 105 degree temps and nothing goes wrong.  However, you see one little flake of the white stuff and all bets are off!  The images in are yard are hard to believe.  I mean, I think it's snow.  Maybe it's baby powder.  Not sure.  Let me give you a glimpse just so you'll have a better understanding of the devastating effects of said white stuff in the south.

This was the snowfall.  Oh, and weathermen here can't predict it either.  It went anywhere from a trace to 6" this go around.  LOL.  Trace is right!

I couldn't even really scoop any off the leaves to eat. 

Nik came running inside to show me something.  No, it's not a tooth, but a snowball.

Yes, they brave the elements and pretty much cleaned up the yard to try to make a snowball and even borrowed neighbor's snow.  Notice the sled in the right of the photo?  Yeh, not happening.

First photo attempt at the snow shot.  No jackets.  No gloves.  Why should there be?  There's hardly any snow!

They were so proud they got enough snow for 2 snowman body parts.  And in this picture, you really can see just how white Nik is.  LOL.  When it started snowing here, they had already delayed or closed 405 places.  Way more the next morning.  No, we are not equipped for snow or any precipitation for that matter.  

We are bracing for another cold front coming this week. On Wednesday.  They are already talking about it. Thank goodness I have bread and hot cocoa.  I wouldn't survive otherwise you know.  This is supposed to be the makings of a possible 'big' snowfall.  I am not holding my breath.  However, I still want enough that I can pelt some snowballs at my kids. I owe them that!  Sledding would be great but has to ice over first and I don't think this system is going to do that from what I hear.  

Tonight it will be cold.  But, we're going to a friend's farm to enjoy a bonfire.  Can't wait.  Kids all have a great time there as do we.  We have some big plans for travel coming up this year.  More on happenings soon.  Really did not realize this week would be so busy or I'd be arguing w/ a school.  Well, not really the school but the situation at hand.  February, we are going to have to withdraw some of the kids.  This is NOT working, they are not learning, they are regressing, we are frustrated, they are begging to be out of school, and well, it's reached the point of no return.  It has been stressful having them in school.  I just didn't think I'd be this stressed having them in school.  There is always something.  I've realized their needs are unique and this is just not going to work with a school system that wants everyone the same.  They are not.  Sorry, but you can't teach a kid 6th grade work if they can't spell, read or write.  So, more coming in future posts.  For now, got to get some bundled up for a bonfire! 

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