Friday, January 3, 2014

Nik's New Implants

The other day, as soon as I got home from the hospital with Alyona, I had to fight with Advanced Bionics in order to beat the end of the year deadline to get Nik's implants.  I'll tell that story elsewhere.  For now, here are some pics of when he got the new Naida implants. 

Nik getting ready to dig into that box.

Where to start first.

Lots and lots and lots of parts.  And we have to know what each and every single piece does and how to trouble shoot it.  Generally we know.  But this is a brand new product and it even works a bit differently so like we're learning from scratch.  There are not three program choices any more and there are three different types of batteries even.  Again, lots to learn and read.

Nik is happy as he is about ready to turn them on.  Or so we thought.  

The look of anticipation on his face says it all.

And on it goes.  This device is much lighter than the other ones he has.  Still great we have back ups though now.  That is awesome.

 And they did NOT work.  AB did not program them like they are supposed to.  Wonder if they're still bitter about this past week and all that transpired.  Yeh, still haven't gotten to that story yet.  So, long story short, now we have to go to UNC and get them programmed.  Waiting for the call back from UNC.  Called them yesterday.  Getting ready to call again.  It's quick to program them.  So hoping to be able to get in some time today.  Willing to wait.  

He tried again, hopeful even though we knew they wouldn't work.  Reni wondering why they're not working.  

Nik loves the implants.  Once Warren feels better, he'll post the videos of him getting to open the box.  I put them on facebook.  Anyhow, Nik can't wait to try these out and neither can we.  Can't wait to see what this new technology will do for him.  


  1. I think people who are getting the Naidas have been taking them to their audiologist to have them programmed, since there are now 5 program slots (up to 10, 5 for one ear and 5 for the other on a single processor so it doesn't matter which ear the processor goes on). There are definitely new add-ons and whatnot for the Naidas. So wish I could get a Naida, but I'm not eligible for an upgrade until 2016 I think? Pretty excited for Nik though! Hope you all can figure out what all the pieces and gadgets are for. I'm always amazed at how many pieces there are just for one cochlear implant processor device (I have a Harmony and a Neptune, so 2 sets of equipment, whoa!).

  2. that is totally awesome! (I might try the Naida like CDM's this month though!)