Monday, January 27, 2014

Manic Monday

Never did get caught up quite yet, did I.  Well, at least staying on top of Manic Mondays. LOL.  Hey, it's the little things.  So many posts, so many things on my mind.  But, we'll start simple today.

  • IEP meeting for Alex on Friday
  • BIG snowstorm coming to our area starting tomorrow
  • Kids beyond excited at thought of snow
  • May have 17 kids here for a day or two
  • Speech classes this week
  • Art classes this week
  • 6 kids are playing soccer this season
  • Bojan decided not to try out for All District Band (his choice)
  • Had good time at the bonfire
  • Sofie has been here a year!
  • Need to go to the grocery store
  • Need to go to the bank
  • Vet came last week for Alaska so good to go for another year
  • Got to get tax info in order for accountant
  • Trying to keep house clean
  • House is listed for sale
  • Little Guy won't take a nap today...URGHH!!!!
  • Can't wait to throw some snowballs
  • Looking for property to build our dream home
  • Will most likely be pulling a few kids out to homeschool them
  • Making chocolate chip cookies today...yum
  • Soccer evals for some on February 8th
  • Max's graduation situation looking grim
  • Yana will be doing Raiders soon and other ROTC activities
  • Yana wants to join the military after high school
  • Bojan is looking into doing volunteer work at his prosthetics shop to learn the ropes
  • We were given an awesome gift for April!  (only hint...on the road again)
  • Looking into reservations for many upcoming events/ vacations
  • FASD Support Group meeting scheduled for tomorrow
  • Car needs an oil change
  • Waiting for mammogram results but expecting no surprises this time
  • Putting up new blinds in living room (yeh, duck tape a no go for selling a house)
  • Making sure all kids' medical records are up to par for when we move
Much more happening but those are the highlights.  There is a lot going on revolving around school. We have really been purging around the house lately and it feels great.  More to share.  We're finding our new normal.    More to share. 

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