Monday, January 20, 2014

Manic Monday

Hey, better late than never.  Tells you I've been a bit busy today.  Here goes and promise much more the coming days. 

  • Selling lots of stuff to show house
  • House officially listed
  • Getting more pics of house together (hard to do as they all seem to have kids in them!)
  • Kids coming around to idea of moving except one reluctant teen
  • Exams were this week
  • Meeting for Max tomorrow
  • Art classes this week
  • Speech therapy this week
  • Apparently, now new insurance benefits so calling them in the morning
  • Kids off for three days
  • Never knew just how much stuff we crammed into this house
  • Big life changes coming our way I feel
  • Planning for spring soccer
  • Planning for Camp Cheerio trip 
  • School.  Umm, more on that later.
  • Alyona has been mean to everyone
  • Sofie is getting smarter by the minute
  • Alaska got a bath today
  • Big bonfire this weekend at the farm (we all can't wait!)
  • Possible snow in NC tomorrow (for other states, a dusting where you have to hunt for flakes)
  • This week, Sofie will have been with us for a year.  (whole post on that for sure!)
  • Need to celebrate Sofie's adoption now that surgeries are over
  • Everyone healing nicely from surgeries
  • FAS meeting this week
  • Was asked to do a type of mentor program that is in the works in regards to adoption
And much, much more.  Still working on finding these stupid house pictures but get sidetracked looking at pics w/ kids in it.  You know, old pics.  Baby Nik!  He was SO little.  Memories of House Guest, and well, realizing all my kids are growing up fast.  How did I miss that?!  Well, haven't but it just seemed like a blink of an eye.  Nik will be a teenager in 2 years!  Most my kids will be teens soon.  They don't need mom as much.  Oh, so much to share.  Getting caught up in posts to be sure.  Stay tuned.

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