Monday, January 13, 2014

Manic Monday

Well, we survived a weekend.  We made Saturday a lazy day for sure.  Though we did manage to go to Sam's and restock a few groceries.  Is it sad they recognize you there?  Kids loved the fact that I got jumbo candy canes.  A 12 pack on sale for $1.91.  And delicious at that.

  • Working on scheduling Sofie's PPR
  • Logan and Alex have eye appointments tomorrow
  • Realtor comes today....wahoo!!!
  • Looking for land or an older home
  • Making preliminary plans for house and speaking to builders soon
  • Can't build our own until we sell this one
  • Alyona has recovered nicely
  • Selling lots of things around the house
  • Vet comes this week
  • Speech therapy this week
  • My birthday this week
  • Ready to change our lives
  • Spoke with a wonderful friend on Friday
  • Still recovering from our heart break from houseguest leaving
  • Kids are healthy
  • Having fun trying to design what we want/need in new house
  • Kids driving me crazy
  • Thinking of future for my kids
  • High schoolers have exams this week
More going on but only so much time to write today. More to come!

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