Monday, January 6, 2014

Manic Monday

Phew, at least not as bad as last week and all the surgery stuff.  Still, a ton going on.  Here goes:

  • Nik gets new implants programmed today
  • Little Guy comes back as break is over 
  • AWANAS is back for kids
  • Need to figure out where kids are playing soccer this season
  • Need to call vet
  • Need to call eye doc for appointments
  • Alyona has follow up
  • Warren has follow up
  • Both are still in pain
  • Spoke w/ surgeon and staying the course till we see him Friday regarding her headaches
  • Speech therapy back in session this week
  • Back to school
  • Warren and Bojan's birthdays were yesterday
  • Need to change Sofie's social security card (name change)
  • Need to get tax stuff together
  • Van is getting swept out today
  • Still trying to catch up on that sleep
  • Friend and I are going to start running...shoot me now!
  • Realtor comes this week
  • Looking for about 30 to 80 acres so keep your eyes peeled locals
  • Friend came to teach boys some soccer moves
  • School on 2 hour delay tomorrow due to temps
  • IEP scheduled for Alex for end of January
  • Need to start up RV
  • Art classes start back tomorrow
  • Finally framing our Christmas picture but mat is NOT sized what it says it is.  URGHH!
  • Ready to move
And much, much more.  Just giving a few high lights so I can get some other things done during nap time today.  More posts later and picture posts later in the evening.  Getting things done here.  Feeling accomplished finally.

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