Friday, January 10, 2014

Long day

 Started this yesterday and forgot about it.  Just figured I'd leave it a short paragraph instead of delete the whole thing.  Here goes nothing.  You can tell at the end of it, I was a little upset about the schools.  Sorry, but when your son is telling you they don't take notes in math, they are told to use Youtube, etc. it's just frustrating.  And yes, teachers are telling me it's true!  So instead of actually learning the concept, the kids are looking for the answers on the tv.  Think we're going to take it off the tv.  But, doesn't stop them at school.  Teachers encourage it.

Today was a long day.  Thursday.  It was also the birthday of a very special little someone that is no longer with us.   Though you move on, you never forget.  I can't say we never think about her or that the kids never ask about her.  That's just not true.  Time does help heal but it doesn't erase the memories or the fun times spent together.  We will always treasure the time we had with her.

Mean time, life has gone on.  Pressing forward full speed ahead.  We have a lot of changes happening this year.  Moving & building our own home will be a big one.  A son graduating from high school is another.  And some school decisions as well.  Lots to think about.  Tomorrow is rechecks for Alyona and Warren.  Post ops.  Should all be fine.  We are finally on the upswing post op and focusing on getting our house in order.  I'm pretty mad at the schools right now that I won't even get into that discussion.  Can I just say I HATE Common Core.  Reni came home w/ simply division.  The way they are teaching these children, they should be ashamed.   I wrote the teacher and said I'm helping her the 'normal' way to learn.  Any questions, ask me.  Left it at that.  Going to have a field day at Alex's upcoming IEP.  Logan's situation is a mess.  I had no idea my kids would get further behind going to school.  Oh, and if you think you know what words are, think again.  They're changing them!  It's not orbit any more.  No.  It's a revolution people.  Just stunned at the differences.  It's not B.C. or A.D. any more either.  It's common era instead.  URGHH!!!  I've had about all I can take.  And heaven forbid they actually read any classics in middle school.  Not happening.  Oh, and NO math textbooks to reference.  The teachers are telling them to look it up on YouTube people!  Logan was surfing Youtube for math.  URGHH!!! 

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