Friday, January 3, 2014

Let's Go To the Movies

Well, close to it.  I'm catching up on all my posts. I think this is #4 for today.  Hey, not bad doing 4 to 6 posts each day.  This will be short simply b/c I need to go to bed soon and prepare for tomorrow.  Visitors come early at Chaos Manor for whatever reason known to man.  So, this post is back at Christmas time.   We got a package in the mail.

Typical Chaos Manor scene when a box comes.  Who gets to open it?

Logan holding up part of the surprise.  A giant movie box.  Had all sorts of movie candies in it along w/ a gift cert to Redbox and popcorn.  Kids were thrilled.  Thank you Uncle Chris and Aunt Mindy!

Not sure what Bojan is doing to Summer's head but she doesn't seem to care one bit.  We enjoyed this gift as it is something we can use ongoing.   Redbox is awesome b/c it goes far in terms of movie rentals.  Now, if only the candy would have lasted till all the movies were watched.  Oh well.  I will say this, the kids are truly appreciative of the gifts they receive.  

Time to sign off.  More posts tomorrow.  hoping to knock out at least 4 more.  Hey, lots happening around here and wait till next week.  Oy!  Yes, that whole sell the house thing is indeed true.  These guys will have plenty of space as will extra guests when we have company or host or whatever may be thrown our way.  Hope everyone's weekend is great.  A bit chilly here but don't tell my kids that. 

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