Friday, January 3, 2014

Irina's Birthday

So very hard to believe I have a 21 year old daughter now.  Really, it is.  She came home to us at 6.5 yo wearing size 2T.  Tiny little thing.  Though she's had her challenges, and given us a few as well, she has matured into a compassionate young lady who graduated high school.  She is entering adulthood with gusto and learning a lot about life.  It was with a heavy heart we could not be with her on her birthday.  Irina turned 21 December 27th.  The day we went to Duke for Alyona's surgery.  But, she took in stride as any mature adult would do.  My wonderful friend Rebecca though was not going to allow her not to have a cake on her birthday.  So, she made her a cake! 

Her brother Logan helping her light the candles.

So many candles for that little cake.  Hmm, sign you're getting older!

Just a few more to go and then we have it!

Look at that smile.  Irina really has come so very far in life.  We don't know what the future holds for her but just like the candles, it's bright!


Irina blowing out the candles.  This was sweet of Rebecca to remember and do for her while we were at the hospital.  Happy Birthday Irina!  May all your dreams come true and may you enjoy this next chapter of your life.

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  1. I can not take credit for the cake it self..Irina's boss dropped it off along with a dozen pizza's for us so I didn't have to cook dinner that night. So very nice. I knew I had to document the 21 candles for you :) Rebecca