Friday, January 3, 2014

I won! I won!

Okay, so some of you know I have won a prize before.  The prize I won in the past was a neti pot from Dr. Oz.  As exciting as that was, I got a notice today that I won some from Elizabeth Arden.  Now, I know that lady doesn't hand out neti pots.  LOL.  It said my prize would be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks.  How exciting!  Hey, this is as exciting as it gets for a stay at home mom.  In addition, the three prizes they were giving away really do rock.  Take a look!  You can't beat those three prizes and well, at least I'll smell good.  Seriously though, I was happy when I found that out today.  People do win those contests on Facebook.

Today.  Today was busy.  Alyona is having issues post op.  We called the surgeon.  He knows we wouldn't call for nothing and together, he and Warren were trouble shooting so to speak.  We both knew it was NOT infection.  See, she's having headaches bad at the back of her head.  Especially, when she gets up.  Vomiting intermittently.  VERY low grade fever here and there.  Nothing of concern w/ fever.  Dizzy.  Also, ringing of the ears.  Now, she came home very anemic due to blood loss but the body should replenish that in 3 weeks & doc said no need for a transfusion.  But, he did believe the anemia in her is causing some of these symptoms post op.  She needs to stay super hydrated.  In addition we filled the Valium this evening.  Apparently, there are a lot of folks in this county hyped up on Valium this evening b/c that stuff was hard to get.  Won't even get into that story.  Geez.  Alyona goes back next Friday.  If things don't improve by then, we'll see next step.  Ironically, her back rarely hurts her now.  And she was so very happy to be able to shower today.  Can't say I blame her. 

Irina and I went to the first Walgreens (again, don't ask), and found some Christmas stuff for 75% off.  Got a few items but not much at all.  Kids hung out here today.  Tomorrow, we have a visitor coming that we see every year at Camp Cheerio.  He is a soccer player (does it professionally), and is coming to teach Alex and Logan some tips.  Should be fun.  I'm making a big turkey dinner for all of us after a hard day playing soccer and running errands.  Then on Sunday, Warren's parents are coming to celebrate Christmas with us.  That also happens to be Warren's birthday and Bojan's birthday.  Monday is school again.  So my during break to do list is now scrapped.  Hey, we gave it a shot...or not.  Well, got to go.  Just had to share I actually won something.  More picture posts to come. 

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