Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hat and School Parties

Before Christmas break (yes, I'll call it that if I want to!), I went to some of the kids festivities at school.  One happened to be on Summer's birthday which was awesome.  It was also hat day where the kids wore crazy hats.  they had to pay a quarter to do it but it went to the Leaukemia society.  It was also the day of all the parties.

That fake smile kills me.  Every time.

First attempt to get a smile.

Second attempt a tad better.  Notice the bags of soda in the background. Yeh, we should have noticed those BEFORE we left.

Nik in his Santa hat.

This was Summer and Sofie.  Not sure what Sofie is so excited about.  Cole was by me as he wasn't so sure of the kids yet.  Don't worry, he got right in the thick of it too once we were in there.

Soife and Summer getting ready to do a Christmas craft.  Then, later in the afternoon we went back to her class to deliver her cupcakes and sing Happy Birthday. I was SO MAD I forgot my camera!  Summer was smiling from ear to ear.  Stood in the front of the class and they sang to her.  All the kids loved the cupcakes.  Of course.  It's sweet stuff.

Alyona on the way out to Nik's class next.

 Nik has a smaller class of course.  We all ate and he was simply thrilled we were there.  We also got stuck in the stupid fire drill in Summer's class earlier.  Little Guy did not want to leave basketball to participate though.

An attempt at Alyona and her hat.

Not really a hat but our Christmas headbands.  I have candy ones, presents, snowmen, etc.  Bought them at Hallmark at the 90% off sale or something to that effect.  Girls think they're cool.  I even wore one!  We had fun that day.  Tired b/c we knew all that laid ahead of us but think that's why it was important to get away and celebrate. 

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