Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Girls, girls, girls

First off, it's SNOWING!!!  Now, in NC you must understand that is a huge deal and everything starts to close down.  I'm being serious.  My northern friends are laughing right now.  405 closings thus far and the ground is slightly dusted w/ it stopping in about 3 hours.  We are expected to get an inch to two inches at most.  Crazy, huh?  But, it will be fun nonetheless.  We had art today and rest of the day just hung out here w/ friends.  Tomorrow kids are still off school.  Max is going to work on a little family tree kit I had bought at 5 Below.  We were going to do some touch up painting on the white trim work but paint is ruined.  Bummer.  Getting little things done here and there.  Simple week.  Weekend is what we're looking forward to.  Bonfire at our friend's farm.  Can't wait!  Freezing temps, hot fire, delicious food.  Wahoo.  We all love going there.  Been slack on pictures lately but again, life has been moving fast here lately and kids come first.  Thankful for everyone's health and that surgeries are behind us.  Phew, three at once was something else, especially over Christmas.  But, all handled it better than I thought they would. 

Time for a few pics of the girls.  So, here goes nothing.  No particular order whatsoever.  Just random shots of my girls here and there.

Summer and that infamous smile.  Contagious.  She's wearing a hat a friend made her.  

Sofie very sure of herself at the top of the playground.

Summer, full length view.  Growing like a weed!  She's in size 7/8 now and is actually fitting into some things Alyona had last summer.  Yikes!

Alyona feeling better after surgeries.  Can't keep my kids in the house for long.  They love the outdoors to be sure.

Irina after work on day.  Growing up for sure and maturing along the way.

Blurry but Summer and Sofie playing.  They LOVE the beads they got from Santa.  Make all sorts of things with them.  Trouble is, about half have disappeared thus far.  Want to find more of them.

Our girl Alaska.  The dog thinks she's human.  Pushes me almost out of bed every single night.  This is a dog that does not prefer to sleep on the floor.

Alyona got a curling iron for Christmas that she loves.  She was working on Yana's hair who was being quite patient with her.  For once they weren't arguing.  Miracle.  These two tend to clash.  Personalities I suppose.  Both stubborn .  Neither wants to back down when they do argue.

Sofie very excited to have pigtails.

Sofie washing her hands.  When she found out she could do it herself, she would wash them till they were red from being so cold.  You know, she just kept washing them. Hey, at least she's clean.  And yes, I know Reni is not in this batch of pictures.  Just the way it worked out this go around.  Have to give an update soon on all the kids.  Time to look at the "dusting." 

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