Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas 2013-- part IV (aftermath)

Finally getting around to the end of Christmas posts.  I've been a tad busy lately.  After presents, I got ready to make breakfast and frankly, looked forward to seeing daylight at that point. 

Not too much paper, huh?  I love, love, love having the santa bags versus wrapping every single little thing.

 Another shot of the aftermath of gift opening. 

Nik playing w/ the gyroscope he got.  Everyone loved that thing.

And this is when they discovered there is a button that makes it light up.

Summer, loving her new flower chair.

Time for a breakfast break.  homemade egg mcmuffins.  Yum.

Dog gone dog went and buried all the bones he got for Christmas.  Yep, Digby buried his AND Alaska's!

Sofie w/ her new remote control car.  It is really a cool one that she can operate even w/ reduced motor control.  Love it!

Nik painting.  

Nik tries to do this all the time now when I take a picture.  He'll smile and then as soon as he sees the light, makes a face b/c he knows the camera will take the shot.

Summer and Sofie have so much fun with these beads.  They are awesome for motor control and just really cute.  We've made quite a few things and remade them.  

Angry Bird Pillow.  

The balloon artist at work on his very first balloon.

Umm, not sure what it is but for a first creation that didn't pop, not bad.

Summer liked her balloon hat too.

I asked Sofie what this was b/c she wanted something to wear.  Max made her this.  Sofie told me it's a bra.  4 years old and told me it's a bra.  Yep, I'm in trouble.  Maybe too many older sisters.  

We had a good Christmas.  It was a hard week but a good week.  Kids recieved some of their Christmas wishes and then some.  Relaxing day and nice.  Very, very nice.  Merry Christmas to all!

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