Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas 2013-- part III (present opening again)

Takes awhile to get through Christmas, huh?  We feel the same way Christmas morning! 

Yana discovering a gift card in there.

Irina with a Bath and Body Works card.  Expression says it all.  As she puts it, I like to smell good.  That's great for the rest of us.  LOL.

Irina with cleaning gloves.  She was letting the bleach eat up her hands.  Santa helped with that after being made aware of it right before Christmas.  My kids.  

Yana loves the slipper socks.  So do I!  Comfortable.  Her pile was smaller b/c Santa thought gift cards were best as did Yana!

Max with Sharpies.  He draws with these some times.  They're a certain type of pen.  

Max with some new sneakers.  

Dog gone Digby was trying to beg for more goodies.  However, the dog takes them and buries them in the yard every single time!  

Max with his new Timberland boots.

Bojan was really happy after reading the paper Santa left.  It was a yearbook form that said "ordered, love Santa."  It's his last year of middle school and will be his first yearbook.  He was pleased.  Even got it engraved with his name.

Logan and Alex starting to open their stocking gifts.  They all do stockings first and then the gifts.

Why oh why he's a Dr. Who fanatic, I'll never know.  Sonic screwdriver.  Need I say more?

The dog was very pleased with her Christmas haul.

NC State hat.  Alex is one of our Wolfpack fans at the house.  I don't think we have any Blue Devil Fans.  But, some UNC fans are about too.  Will be interesting to see where our kids end up going to school.

Not sure what Logan is holding but he's laughing.  Thinking it was the sneaker balls gift.  And yes folks, they do work.

Even Christmas is hard to do after a surgery.  Poor Reni.  Not up to par that day.

Logan loves to paint and this was fun for him to do.

Logan and Alex opening their together gift.

All peeking at what it is.

All the boys were rather pleased.  And though they don't use it the way it is in the box, they use it every day.  They needed one to be higher.  So, they used this backboard and put it at the top of the fence to get the height they needed.  They all play basketball now way more often than they used to.  They all got a variety of gifts.  Some useful, some for fun.  Hardly any electronics this year but truly, they didn't need any.  One more Christmas post to go.

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