Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas 2013 -- part II (present opening continues)

Yes, by the end of January we will indeed get through this Christmas post.  sorry getting behind but Alyona had a rough day again today as did Warren.  Hoping all can sleep through the night tonight. So back to Christmas time and opening gifts.

It's the best she could do the day after surgery for a smile.  Still wearing her clothes that she had on at surgery.  Poor kiddo.  She opened gifts, cuddled w/ dad and went right back to bed.  She loved these boots she got.

Can tehy even find their stuff in all that mess?

I think there may have been a little smile in there.

IT was an Elmo Christmas for Sofie for sure!

Her Elmo cup.  Estatic about it.  Now, that is the ONLY cup she wants to drink from.  URGHH!!!

It was his one big Christmas wish.  A friend and her family made this happen!  And he still loves this pillow.  With him every night and shows everyone new that comes over.

 Carpenter jeans for one of the 'disgruntled elves.'  Max and Bojan stayed up w/ me in the wee hours of Christmas Eve to help.  Neither were to happy to wake up early.

  Oh my oh my.  An Angry Bird hat.  Made his day.

 Is there a child in that mess?!  Yep, that should keep her busy for awhile.

Nik with his new shoes.  Not as happy getting new shoes as an Angry Bird pillow but so be it.  Kid needed shoes.  LOL.  More to come.  Been a long day.  

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