Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas 2013-- part 1 (waking up)

Wow, can you tell I'm a little behind in posts still?  However, this is post 3 for today so I can't be doing but so bad, right?  let's just jump right in with Christmas that seemed to sort of just sneak up on us this year.

Some of the piles of loot!  As kids get older, piles get smaller as they know the values of gifts.  Older kids know a gift card doesn't take up much space and well, frankly they love it more.

Got a wonderful 10' tree from the farmer this year.  Did the same last year & they last.  Kids decorated.  What can I say.  I used to decorate the Christmas Trees for an interior design/ florist shop in Raleigh.  We'd decorate the BB & T and other businesses in the area.  Would come home from helping decorate gorgeous trees every day and end up with one looking like this.  Got to love it.  But, it is their tree, they love it and if I wanted a show piece, I'd need another room for it.  If you look closely you can see like 3 to 4 ornaments on one limb.  In many places.  

Now, keep in mind it was Christmas Eve and Reni had surgery.  We came home, wrapped presents, stayed up late, and dealt w/ a post op surgical patient all before Christmas morning.  These two turkeys were the first up.

Summer not quite ready to wake up for this present opening thing.  BTW, it was still dark out!

Sofie checking everything out yet also not awake herself yet.

Okay, so let me explain naked Barbie here.  Nik goes and wraps up things around the house during Christmas time and gives them to his siblings.  He insisted he wrap this up for Sofie.  He is so very happy in this picture and she's looking at it like why am I holding my naked Barbie.  Classic.

Alyona's one wish was for a curling iron.  And she got it!  Thank you Santa!

Summer opening up a few gifts herself.

Reni was not that much into opening gifts for obvious reasons.  Still wearing her clothes from surgery day.  Poor kiddo.  But, she loved her hello kitty glitter slippers.

Slowly but surely, working on the presents.

OMG!  Sofie's fvorite part as this is all she asked for....Elmo shoes!  And yes, she wears them all the time.  Whether they match or not.  Fashionista she is not.

Some of the older kids waiting for their turn and wanting to go back to bed at o'dark thirty.  Max is the blob in the back.  He and Bojan helped play elves Christmas Eve w/ me so I could get it done.  Stay tuned for part II and more gift opening.  Will do that post tomorrow.  Alyona is not feeling so hot tonight so need to make sure she is okay.  Long recovery...they weren't kidding.

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