Thursday, January 2, 2014

Butterflies and balloons

Okay, so not really butterflies but sounded better than moths and balloons, right?  This is my 6th post today.  Phew.  See what happens when you must stay home for a few get caught up here and there.  Well, not really but I'm giving it a good run.

Nik with the moth.  Caught in the house.  Not sure I want to know why.

A close up shot.  Sofie is waiting with her hand out as you can see.

Big brother Max practicing his balloon art.  Kind of cool to be honest.  And yes, Summer was still in her pajamas.  Been kind of lax around here this week due to all the medical stuff happening.

Sofie with her dog she asked Max to make.  She was so happy and was trying to get Alaska to play with it.  

Nik with his giraffe.  Later he drew on it to make it look like a giraffe.

Summer also with her giraffe.  So proud.  They all love Max and was sweet of him to do that for his brother and sisters.  

We have been at home but think we'll venture out tomorrow.  Alyona will of course stay here.  Need to return a colander I ordered off Amazon.  Arrived broken.  We also need to return some things to Target and get different sizes for Reni and new size for Nik in shoes.  A friend gave us some coupons to McDonalds and we may just have to use those as well as a surprise.  As soon as Warren and Alyona are able, we're going to Kanki for our Adoption Celebration of Sofie.  A tradition at this house.  Kids love it.  As do we.  Anyhow, lots going on here but trying to stay sane from it all.  A friend of the teens is coming over Saturday most likely.  A professional soccer player and he's going to give Alex and Logan some pointers before their season starts in the spring.  Nice.  Figured I'd make a turkey with all the fixings for him to eat with us.  Sunday, my inlaws are coming for Christmas.  I have not done all the shopping yet so need to add that to the list of things to do tomorrow.  I am ready to get back to a normal week.  Hoping that will be next week but time will tell. Much more to come but after 6 posts today, time for a break.  Max and I are going to watch some futurama and chill out.  Little kids are in bed.  Warren is on and off sleeping with pain meds.  Good night all.  Be back tomorrow and hopefully knock out a few more posts.

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