Friday, January 10, 2014

Alyona's Post Op Follow Up

Today, Logan decided he should miss the bus.  We were not happy to see him here this morning to say the least.  Of all days, of course it's the one where we must go the hospital.  Fortunately, Duke is notoriously late for everything.  Great docs but scheduling has much to be desired.  I think we've only ever been seen once on time.  Anyhow, Warren took Logan to school while I got everyone ready to go.  Breakfast was done and we were on our way to Duke.

Check up itself was quick and we always meet neat folks while waiting.  One lady was from the same small town as Warren!  She was waiting to finalize the adoption of two of her boys...4 years later.  Everyone knows the states need a little revamping when it comes to adoption.  But, that's a discussion for the another post.  People really are friendly in the waiting area and we always tend to find someone and something  to talk about.  No x-rays this time.  That's in a month.  Stitches all look great and Alyona is well on her way to recovery.  Time to go home.  Toddlers slept in the car which means they don't want to sleep now.  Got to love it.  Warren has his post -op this afternoon. 

Yana got promoted to private first class yesterday in ROTC.  She was so excited and we're happy for her.  Truly, this has been a changing year for her.  At the end of last year, I"ll be honest, we weren't sure we were all going to survive the late teen years.  And hearing common sense from mom and dad never seems to help.  ROTC has been great and hope she continues to excel in it.  You never know where it may lead in the future. 

Tonight we'll probably lay low at home and watch a movie on this rainy day.  Have some redbox gift card left so we peruse those and see what we all may want to watch.  They are into Cake Boss again.  Next Great Baker series on Netflix.  One day, we'll have to go there for sure.  LOL. 

More things to talk about.  Just been trying to get things back in order after surgeries and not lose my mind w/ all the new things my kids are coming home w/ from school.  One is Big 6.  Hmm.  Guiding them which way to think instead of being free thinkers and actually learning on their own.  Again, for another post b/c I just am stunned at all the stuff I've seen in these past few months.  So much so, even some of our older kids are starting to notice how different it is and how it doesn't make sense.  The way they were teaching Reni division was just nonsense.  Taught her the way we grew up, she understood and said much easier.  Biting my tongue.  Teachers are well aware I'm not happy with the way they're learning.  And I do not whatsoever blame the teachers.  They have to go along w/ the system.  Trying to make it through the school year w/out losing my mind.  Bottom line...have they learned anything.  I'll ask them questions about what they're studying and they can't tell me anything.  It's sad.  They don't take notes any more.  They watch videos on Youtube to learn.  You all know how I feel about it.  I just see a trend I don't like w/ education and want to pull them all out.  Yet, we really need to make sure life is settled to do that.  Will the next school system be different?  Most likely, no.  We're not moving out of state.  Just don't know.  I want my kids to have the best education possible.  Just trying to figure out exactly how to go about doing that.   The more changes I see in public education though, the less I like it.  Plus, my kids are big hands on learners.  For the most part now, just watching a screen.  Instead of seeing the meniscus on the screen like the teacher showed me they do in 6th grade science, how about  letting them pour it into a beaker and see it for themselves.  something so simple but will stick with them.  She told me we find the kids will remember a catchy tune better.  Seriously?!  Getting way sidetracked on this post.  Must be the rain.  More to come.  Need to finish those Christmas posts.

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