Thursday, January 2, 2014

Alyona Update

How is Alyona doing post op?  Get this question quite a bit.  She had surgery on December 27th.  Not quite been a week yet. 

This was Alyona before the surgery.  We have a long way to go to get back to that smile again.  This is a very rough surgery to recovery from.  Not going to lie.  The whole thing has been hard on Alyona and on us all.  Surgery is never easy.  This is something else.  On top of that, Warren--other primary caregiver-- had surgery and is unable to help with anything.  Reni had surgery too.  It has been a very challenging week.  We are beyond grateful for the best friends anyone could ask for.  When things looked bleaked, friends would step up and step in to help.  Thought I could do it all by myself and I was dead wrong.  We needed the help.  The meals, trips to stores, trips to pharmacies, trips to multiple hospitals b/c surgeries were at three different hospitals to complicate matters.  My father inlaw came down to take Warren to his surgery and stay the night with him.  Many people came together.  Friends took some of the kids to various places to keep minds occupied.  

Through all this, Alyona has remained peaceful.  She knows the outcome.  She knows this had to be done.  She knows she can not bend like before and will have to find a new way to do things.  Today, she has thrown up twice.  Weaning her off the pain meds will have to become priority.  This happens to her.  Her little body can't take all the meds in her.  From the tethered cord surgery, she did better once weaned off the meds.  It's a double edged sword.  She's in more pain from vomiting but if given pain meds, doesn't work that well.  Even at the hospital, day 2 or 3, they had ONLY given her regular Tylenol the entire day and she did just fine.  It's decisions like these that make it tough on patient & caregiver.  We weigh all the options.  She is walking around more which is both good and bad as she needs to stay still more.  She is bored and I know that.  My kids are used to moving around a lot.  Especially, the ones with FAS.  Overall though, Alyona is doing great with all this.  She really is.  Proud of her.  Onto healing. 

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