Monday, January 6, 2014

A very special gift

Some think that since we have brought Sofie home via rehoming, that all ties are severed and that is that.  Not true.  Rehoming can go a few different directions and I for one am glad that hers went the way it did.  Her previous family and us remain friends.  No, not close buddies but we can talk to each other and I leave it up to them if they'd like more info/ pictures/ etc. on Sofie.  It is different for each set of families that does this but it is whatever works best for each family.  I for one want Sofie to know her journey of how she got to our family.  Right now, obviously she is too young to understand what all transpired.  Just as all mine were when they first arrived from other countries.  But, eventually she will know her story and what part this wonderful family played.  That being said, they asked if they could send her something for Christmas.  Of course!

 Sofie wondering what surprise awaits her.  She needed a little help with the box.

Sofie incredibly happy at her gift.  Trust me, it's screams of delight even if it is a tad blurry.

Sofie with a very, very special doll.  Did you know it sings Ring around the Rosie?  Over and over and over again.  Yes, why yes it does.  And she sings it over and over and over again.  LOL.  

Irina trying to help Sofie get the doll untied.  They always package those things to never come out.

My friend happened to be there that day.  She used to run a day care and is great with kids.  Anyhow, she is trying to help Sofie see what the doll does.  Sofie's fine motor skills still need a lot of work so some simple things can be hard for her at times.  Trust me though, she caught on quickly and that doll hasn't stopped singing!  I thought it was extremely generous and kind for her other family to want to give her a present.  Sofie absolutely loved it as did I.  I think it is wonderful for Sofie to have two families to love her. 

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