Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Get Well Wish

The other day, Alyona received a get well gift in the mail from a blog reader.  Alyona was SO excited.  I made her wait till the next day to open b/c I knew whatever was in it would probably not allow her to sleep b/c she'd be too anxious to play/ use it.  She agreed to go to bed.  But the very next day, Alyona was not about to allow me to forget about the box. 

Alyona opening the package which was taped really well.

Getting her first peek of what is inside the box.

Alyona looking at all the goodies that were inside.

Alyona found the sweet letter that came with it.

She just started saying "ooh, I really need bookmarks!"  She actually did.

Face says it all.  It's clothes.

Alyona with one of her shirts.

Matroshka writing paper.  Very cute and encourages letter writing.  Love it!

Little Russian dolls she thought were so cute.

Wished you could have seen teh expression on her face for this one.  VERY happy.

Alyona said Alex will love these!  Christmas peeps.

Stickers made Sofie's day.  She felt like she got a gift too.

These were the cute little Matroshka chapstick dolls.  Have never seen them before but how cute!

At the end Alyona said " I feel SO special."  And truly Rebecca, you made her feel happy and put a smile on her face.  Package came at just the right time.  Great pick me up for post op!  Thanks for thinking of Alyona during a difficult healing period.

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  1. So glad I could be an uplifting part in her hard recovery. She is an angel and I thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me!