Saturday, November 30, 2013

Passing on the message

IMPORTANT!!!  Parents of children adopted from Kazakstan, please read:

A Kazakh delegation was in Washington DC  two weeks  ago and reported that
there are 600 missing post-placement reports.  The  Kazakh government was on
a path to reopen adoptions when concerns of children  already placed arose.
 The Kazakh government expressed that they may  consider reopening
adoptions if some of the post-placement reports were sent,  showing a good
effort on the part of US families.  As most families  know, reporting on the
well-being of adopted Kazakh children was to  continue until the children
reach the age of 18.
The reports do not have to be formal.  They can be one  page self reports
in English indicating the childb s Kazakh and US names, address, DOB, age
 year and region of adoption.  It should briefly address family adjustment,
 school, health and any activities of the child.  Some recent photos of the
 child, family and hopefully, one of the home should be included.  The
reports do not have to be formally signed (but should have the names of the
adoptive parent(s)).  They do not need to be translated,  notarized or
apostilled. They simply want to know that the children are  alive and still
their adoptive families.
The reports can be sent to:
Across The World Adoption, c/o Lesley Siegel,  395  Taylor Blvd., Suite
116, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Please help us spread the word by sending this message to  other listservs
and blogs where parents with children from Kazakhstan may see  the appeal.
Thank you for your help!
Lynn Wetterberg

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Miscellaneous Pictures

I know I'm still way behind on posts but hey, it's a holiday week.  Yes, that's the lame excuse I'm using this go around.  Really though, getting caught up with things around here and trying to get through IEP meetings and schedule surgeries.  Thought I'd do a quick post between cooking & cleaning  w/ a few miscellaneous pictures.

Do I tell you all how much they loved these teeth?  Gross but they loved them.  

Okay, so we don't have a basketball goal yet.  Someone gave us a little tykes one.  The older boys 'modified' it to fit over our fence post.  Actually, it works.  LOL.  I think a basketball goal needs to be on the Christmas Wish List.

Wait, you mean I get a cookie too?

Heaven...fresh chocolate chip cookie.  

Every Wednesday I take the kids to story time at a local church.  They play w/ other preschoolers and just have fun.  Past Wednesday, they made the cute Pilgrim hates and received that little Mayflower boat filled w/ Reeces Peanut Butter cups.  Cute!

Sofie being Sofie.  Yes, she'll be getting that hair cut this weekend.  My shaggy girl.  She even got a sticker from story time that day.  Thursdays we go to the bouncehouse and Fridays are parks w/ friends and such if weather permits.  Though, must say the last few Fridays we haven't had the chance to go.

I have thoughts about Common Core but I will keep those to myself.  You can easily know I HATE it.  The garbage my kids are coming home with is just simply put ridiculous.  Bojan made principals list, has always pretty much been A/ B student and has absolutely no IEP.  Pretty bright though smart alec.  Typical teen.  Anyhow, this was a sentence he wrote the other day.  Soak that up.  He's 14yo and in 8th grade for goodness sakes!  Stop dumbing down the kids.  And now, mouth shut.  BTW, he's begged to be homeschooled for the last part of middle school b/c as he puts it, tired of being around morons mom.  Don't even get me started how they're teaching math now.  Even Bojan said "Mom, what happened?  They did NOT teach this way even when I went to school two years ago."  Yep, even the kids are noticing the difference.  And I'm done w/ Common Core topic and having to make tough decisions regarding my kids' education.  

Well, can we say at least it's not Naked Ken?

What the kids wanted to do the last night house guest was here.  They ended up watching a movie, dancing, playing w/ glow sticks and just having a good time together.  I was thankful for that.  And you know if you put a mattress on the floor its bound to be more fun than if its on the bed.  LOL.

Someone had given us this Lobster.  Gigantic Lobster.  Nik absolutely LOVES it and sleeps w/ the thing.  Kid you not. 

Today we've been hanging out at home this day before Thanksgiving.  We cleaned up.  Now, doesn't look like it. Got to love that part.  Everything has been mopped and scrubbed.  Well, upstairs still has much to be desired.  We'll get it though.  Then the baking began.  Wasn't bad till the kids decided the cookies were for THEM today.  URGHH!!!  Not sure how much we'll be left tomorrow for Thanksgiving guests but we're giving it a good shot.  Had the big turkey thawing since Sunday in the fridge.  Still frozen. Dummy me forgets we have that subzero freezer so takes everything longer to thaw.  It's on the counter now.  It will be fine.  Looks like we'll have a few other families here and can't wait.  Truly, think it will be a blast.  

Went to doc today.   Respiratory/ congestion type infection.  He said my throat looked raw.  Yeh, feels it too.  Not contagious so life goes on!  MUST keep everyone healthy this season due to Warren and Alyona's surgeries.  In addition, have a feeling Reni may need tonsils out as well.  That would mean 3 surgeries in December.  Hey, we go with the flow here.  But, I may need help making this flow better.  Waiting for Warren's confirmation date on surgery.  IF his is the same time as Alyona's, that will get a bit more complicated.  And, there are just 2 dates for him.  One of those dates is when Alyona's is.  We told them we really can't do that but not up to us.  So, as  you can imagine, just about everything has to get done this weekend.  Decorating and putting up the tree on Friday.  Shopping on Saturday for our monthly groceries.  Following weekend, family coming for a gathering Saturday leaving us just Sunday to do Christmas shopping before Warren's surgery (or at least the date we're hoping for).  Throw in a few band concerts, doc appointments, school IEP's, school events, and much, much more and well, you have a very busy month ahead.  I dare say I'll be lucky to get Christmas cards out.  So if you don't get one, don't feel slighted.  LOL.  As always, we'll get it all done, put it in perspective and have fun while doing it all.  Or at least try too.  Excited about this upcoming holiday season.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day everyone.  Should have some pics up tomorrow.  Need to get three kids a haircut.  Adding it to that list.  Oh, and suggestions for group gifts welcomed.  I am fresh out of ideas.  And must be reasonable.  And, NO PETS!  Though Irina's wish is a chinchilla this year.  Every year there seems to be some type of pet request for Christmas.  I think I need to get them all pet rocks. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Manic Monday

Wasn't sure I'd actually have time to get this done today but figured I'd give it a shot.  Here goes:

  • Had a great weekend w/ some friends
  • Digby has stopped limping
  • I'm letting a double ear infection (I think) ride out.  Seems to be better today
  • Sofie is over her cold
  • Warren will be getting surgery soon in December
  • Alyona's surgery is still a go
  • Critical at this point we stay very healthy so surgeries can occur
  • Speech therapy off until December
  • Kids only  have 2 days of school this week
  • Summer's big IEP meeting is tomorrow
  • Need to get Logan's DEC17 in to doc
  • I've been able to use Santa's watching for awhile now.  LOL
  • Planning lots of events beginning of this coming month
  • Ready to see Meadow Lights soon (locals know what that is)
  • Having Thanksgiving here this week
  • Getting a fresh Christmas Tree this coming Friday
  • Need to go food shopping for turkey day
  • Heat is out.  Being fixed most likely today.  Fortunate the backup heating we use in the RV and tents can be used in the house as well for times like these. 
  • Kids have made Christmas lists
  • Trying to figure everything out for next year w/ all the healthcare changes
  • Trying to gather documents for tax time believe it or not
  • Deciding on a moving plan now that surgeries and adoptions will be behind us and kids are settled 
  • School is still causing me headaches to deal with
  • Max is trying to figure out what he's doing after high school
  • Yana is seriously looking into joining the military after school
  • Bojan is trying out for all county & all district bands I believe
  • Not ready for Christmas at all, let alone Thanksgiving
  • We're continuing to purge closets
  • Have piles of paperwork to do for various things that are just waiting for me
  • Need to mail off a few packages
  • Behind on thank you letters
  • Kids are off school starting on Wednesday
  • Trying to see if I want to buy into the whole Elf on the Shelf deal yet
  • And the heat is up and running again.  Wahoo!!!
Those are some of the highlights but as you are aware, much more happening than I can write about.  Would take too long.  Anyhow, need to get Warren a list to stop off at Sam's this evening before food is gone.  Not sure how it is where you live but folks here tend to wipe shelves out at various times of the year.  Even mention snow in the state of NC and shelves are emptied.  I kid you not.  Ask anyone here. It truly is a sight to behold.  Hence, why I always make sure during winter season we are never w/out hot cocoa.  Hey, isn't that all you really need during a 'snow storm?'  Even a 'dusting' here is considered a storm.  My first two Russian kids home cracked us up the first year.  It was the biggest snow storm NC had seen.  over 2 feet of snow.  Ran upstairs to get the kids and they go to the sliding glass door and look out.  Irina stands there points and says "this no snow.  Where's BIG snow?"  Remember, they had doors on second floors in Russia to be able to get out in winter where they lived.  To them, it was nothing.  Nonetheless, we all had super fun that day.  So, all of us in NC are snow dreaming for some miracle snow at some point this season.  Time will tell if that happens.  If anything, keeps us all dreaming.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

What is Nik Thankful For?

The other day we went to an adoption party at Warren's work.  They host it every year for anyone in the company who has ever adopted.  They have crafts for the kids and pizza.  Pizza, fresh fruit and dessert.  Yum.  Kids got the chance to play with others.  I didn't bring the camera because well, we just wanted to relax and talk to others.  Doesn't always have to be a camera around.  Enjoy the moment.  So, Nik made this:

Thought it was sweet.  My kids tend to write everyone's names on various projects. They truly are family oriented.  Not sure if it is due to orphanage background or just being here w/ us.  We had a good time and headed home late once again that week.

Lateness that Thursday landed me a call from the school on Friday morning.  About Reni's red eyes.  I promised them it was not pink eye.  Sorry, but after 11 kids, we can indeed dx that ourselves.  I said she has tired eyes. They said that's what she told us!  I said it was an usual week w/ the circus in town, the adoption party and then another night spent w/ friends.  Hey, we don't just sit home all the time you know.  LOL.  Went to Reni's Thanksgiving Day feast at school w/ Alyona, Sofie and Cole (little boy I watch).  Nik was there too.  Was pleasant until a fire drill.  Left for home early w/ Reni and Nik too.  So, kind of a full week for everyone. 

Today, Sunday, we had a great time w/ friends of ours.  We went to their house for a late lunch of chilli in bread bowls.  Kids played all afternoon today and then we were headed to AWANAS only to find out there wasn't any tonight.  

Anyhow, enjoyable weekend.  Think I may have a double ear infection but waiting it out a tad.  Kids are all doing well health wise. Trying to keep everyone as healthy as possible so that Alyona doesn't get sick.  Her big surgery is in December and she MUST be healthy for this major surgery.  This year our track record isn't so bad w/ surgeries.  Max's shoulder surgery, Bojan's amputation, Alyona's tethered cord, Warren's surgery coming up, and Alyona's scoliosis coming up.  Never dull but that's okay.  We go with the flow here for sure.  Got to go.  Thanksgiving coming up this week and need to at least attempt to plan but those coming know me better than that.  LOL.  I seriously can't wait till Thursday.  More to come.  Got to go prep for Summer's IEP which is on Tuesday morning.  I think I know more about the brain than I care to.  By the end of the meeting, they should all be schooled in c-ACC(agenesis of corpus callosum), colpocephaly and very low white matter amounts.  Summer will be getting OT, speech and more I know for sure.  I know one major disagreement the school and I will have though so we'll wait and see.  Maybe I should bring donuts to the meeting.  IT's going to be a long one.