Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Max's drawings

Well, this one is a little different.  He did a self-portrait.  It was great but another classmate drew all over it.  Max was not happy and I wouldn't be either.  Classmate drew a beard on him.  But that is not important.  What I thought was cool is Max has never done a self portrait before.  I truly think he nailed it.  You have to see past the beard stuff though.

This is Max.  And no, he doesn't have a beard.  Hoping he'll redo this and not have people touch it.

Tried to get a shot of just the eyes so that you can see what I'm talking about.  He really did a good job I thought.  For a first attempt at a self-portrait.  

We had art class here today for homeschoolers.  And public school kids after they get home as well.  So, busy day and very late.  Need to get to bed.  Will have a bit more time tomorrow to do a few posts I hope.  I have been catching up on appointments, work, and so much organizing.  Actually, quite proud b/c trying to do some of these lingering things for weeks now.  STraightened out a bunch of medical bills & just got on track for some things.  Hoping this streak continues.  Can't say it will but here's hoping.  ENjoy your day folks.  More tomorrow. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

In the Army???

Is it hard to believe I have one that is considering a military career?  For those that don't know, I grew up a military brat.  Yep, one of those people.  My dad was in the Marine Corps so Army in the title is probably not the best thing for me to do.   LOL.  Those who understand military competitions know what I mean by that.  Anyhow, I have one teen that decided to join ROTC this year.  Not only that, but did it on their own accord and said they were doing it b/c they knew they needed discipline.  Geez, not that mom and dad haven't been saying that all along. But, still nice they can come to that conclusion on their own.  Anyhow, very proud of this decision and do believe it has been a positive experience.  And who is it you ask?

It's Yana.  Yes, Yana.  Our stoic Russian.  Never thought a few years back we'd ever get to this point.  But, here we are.

Yana in a warrior pose. LOL.  She not only joined ROTC, but a thing called Raiders which is physically demanding.  They do competitions and placed 2nd this past Saturday.  So, Yana is thinking about doing this as a possible career option in the future.  Dont' know if it will come to fruition but do know it's not a bad idea.  I'll let you know for sure.  Quite the change from a few years ago when the only job she ever considered was super model.  This suits her well.  Just wanted to share some of the progress. 

Manic Monday

So much for the idea of catching up over the weekend, huh?  I am determined at some point to catch up on blog posts though.  Been busy though with the kids.  Next weekend is literally one of the first free unplanned weekends we'll have.  Looking forward to it.  Not going anywhere, just chilling out here.  So, a little of what's happening at Chaos Manor for the week.

  • Speech therapy
  • Art class
  • made oral surgery appt. for Irina
  • Alex & Yana had dentist appointments today
  • filling out eval papers for Alex and Logan for IEP's
  • school & us will be fighting over Logan's placement soon (explain soon!)
  • Loving the change in weather
  • working on some of our fall bucket list 
  • got tons of work done this weekend in regards to decluttering and cleaning house
  • hoping to meet w/ realtor this week some time
  • Nik still obsessed w/ Angry Birds
  • watching a friend's kids while she has surgery
  • open Thanksgiving invitation to all who want to come here
  • Alyona's big surgery is around Christmas time
  • next birthday is Summer's in December
  • Sofie's MRI results are back
  • Eventually, will refill our aquarium back up
  • A friend gave us a gorgeous table for the little kids
  • Alyona and Max will get new glasses this week for sure (every time we take them it's either closed or something comes up.  Crazy)
  • septic system serviced today
  • thinking of field trips for November possibly
  • have some IEP's coming up
  • cancelled Shriner's appointments for Alyona
Much more as well.  Kids are doing well.  Really, they are.  Everyone has adjusted to life and to school.  Thinking of what sports and activities will be in the picture in the new year.  Was glad we decided to take one semester off.  We needed it.  Enjoy your week and will get caught up here at some point.  Life has just been keeping us on our toes.