Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Okay, haven't fallen off the earth but truly a very busy week for us.  I'll catch up on posts over the weekend.  Hey, we get an extra hour so surely I can fit it in.  Tomorrow is Sofie's MRI.  Wish her well. She'll do fine. Warren is going with her.  I'm going to the school with Summer and the rest of the kids.  We have Halloween that evening and not sure where we are going.  We're about trick or treated out.  We went to the campgrounds and then tonight we went to a trunk or treat at a local church.  Kids are exhausted and frankly, we are too. So, not sure about tomorrow evening.  Anyhow, thought you'd all enjoy some costume trying on that took place awhile back. 

Summer at the campgrounds.  She loved the wig.  It was too cold to let her just wear a long sleeve shirt so made her wear the sweater under it.  She didn't care.

Summer.  I'm not exactly sure what she's supposed to be but she's cute!  Sofie is in the background.  Sofie and Houseguest were pumpkins.  They loved that I sprayed their hair orange.

Irina as the cereal killer.  She laughed at me for suggesting it and ended up winning third place in the costume contest.

Nik, with his mask.  Did the best I could with it and with him squinting like crazy.

Nik as Mr. Incredible!  He thought it was so cool having muscles.

Alyona as a witch.  Her alias is Evilona.  Max did the blood on her neck.

I loved this costume on her but she wanted to be a witch instead.

Sofie was trying on some different fairy costumes along with houseguest.  They had so much fun.

Another fairy costume we had.  I have many other costume pics but as you know, can't publish them right now.  But Reni was a witch as well as Alyona.  Alex and Logan were some zombie creatures.  Yana was a cowgirl.  One more night of candy retrieval.  LOL.  Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!  Again, VERY busy week for us so more catching up over the weekend.  Need to finish the campground posts and the Camp Woodbine posts.  As I've always said, blog comes down on the list.  Kids must come first.  Trust me though, lots of happenings around here and tons of cuteness to catch up on! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Manic Monday

Busy week ahead but aren't they all?  Here goes:

  • Speech therapy this week
  • Art class this week
  • selling stuff around the house (aka...clearing clutter)
  • kids had a blast at the campgrounds and requested we go back
  • RV needs maintenance
  • Sofie has an MRI this week
  • Halloween this week
  • May go to Marbles Museum tomorrow
  • Trying to readjust some kids' attitudes lately (teens)
  • Behind on blog
  • Broom broke yet again and I REFUSE to buy a new one till payday.  Seriously, they break at least 1 to 2 brooms every single month.  Getting tired of the broom situation.  Suggestions welcomed.  Think they're doing it on purpose to try to get out of sweeping.  LOL.
  • Max built a chair
  • Wicked sinus headache today
  • Going to Summer's party this week
  • Bojan has a band thing Friday night
  • Yana was cleared to re-enter activities again via doc (from passing out at meet incident)
  • Trying to schedule everything the next few months
  • Have plans for the weekend but kind of want a break so we'll see
  • Sorting everyone's clothes this week so it looks just plain bad in here.  I know it's a process but hate it every year.  
  • Max is working this week
  • Irina is still at her job
  • Yana wants to find a job
  • House guest broke a glass today.  Understand, we have glasses broken by various kids almost every single day here.  Hence, why there is so much plastic in this house now.  LOL.  
  • Looking forward to cooler weather soon
  • Need to cancel some Shriners appointments.  Alyona's surgery will be at Duke.  We are on a timeline and just can't wait.
  • Someone hacked our bank account.  New cards issued, bank caught mistakes.  Thank you SECU!  
And much, much more.  Busy week but we've had so much fun the last two weeks, makes sense we need a catch up week of things to do.   Many more posts but like I said, been sorting piles of clothes so must get back to that.  Irina, Yana, Reni, Alyona have gone through their stuff.  I finished up Summer's the other day. Working on the two youngest girls now and then I tackle the monster mess upstairs called...the boys' room.  Their idea of clean and mine are two totally separate things.  Determined they get on the same page.  More later.

Camping-- Day 2 Pumpkin Carving!

Day two we woke up and had pancakes for breakfast.  Was great till I realized I forgot to pack the syrup.  Happens.  Store price wasn't actually that bad.  After breakfast, kids got to carving some pumpkins while I took the younger ones to the play area. 

Some trying to think of what to make.  Oh, the pot in the middle is chili.  No room in fridge but outside it was 30 during the night.  Perfect!  Big family, relatively "small" RV all things considered.  

More came to try and put their input in on the three pumpkins we had to carve up.

Nik just wanted to ride the ripstick again.

Reni was proud of her creation.  She was going w/ a Shrek kind of look.

Boys were having a much more harder time deciding and coming back w/ different designs on paper each and every time.  We said pick something already.

Max stepped in and did more of a Monster's Inc. looking thing w/ a twist.  While making pumpkins, gave them all some hot apple cider.  Hit the spot for sure!

Bojan and Logan.  Typically, enemies at home, buddies during camping.  Go figure.  Actually, over the last few months, they've been accepting of each other.  Got to remember, this is the teen years folks.  Bojan is 14 and Logan 13.  Both strong-willed.  Nice to see the cooperation instead of the competition.  Other parents of teens I'm sure get what I'm saying.

Irina, my clean freak kiddo, decides to do a vomit pumpkin.  Go figure.

Clearly, we didn't know our competition!  LOL.  Adults can compete too.  Can you guess the winner?

Another view of the pumpkins.  You can tell some used the cut outs and some were originals.

All very cool though to be sure.  Fun to look at.  Great ideas for next year.

The camper on the end took 2nd place.  Really cute!

Warren and Logan headed back.  Had to get some lunch and get ready for the next phase of events.  Tried to get little ones to take a nap but was only successful w/ Sofie.  Made the others watch a movie. Brother Bear.  Just to keep them still as I knew the next several hours would be exhausting for them.  And us!  LOL.  Day two will continue in pictures.  But, kiddos up from a nap so time to get back to work.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Such an awesome time!-- Camping, day 1

We made it to the campgrounds early Friday afternoon.  Perfect timing.  Of course, we had to stop off and get Sir Pizza to take tot he campgrounds.  It was super chilly out so awesome to have hot pizza to eat. 

Got to the grounds & set up.  Though not sure here if Yana and Reni are really setting anything up.

Reni getting the pumpkins ready.

Pizza break.  2 large cheese and two large beef.  Yum!

Sofie relaxing eating pizza till the fire gets started.  Can you tell she's tired?

Nik on the ripstick and Alex playing basketball.  This was the only time there was an empty court.  They had fun playing w/ friends the whole time.  Lots of groups going on.

Alyona, Reni and Irina going to check things out.  

People decorated their sites.  Sofie was fearless and actually laughed at the spider jumping out at her.  Me, I was chicken.  RV sites all over had stuff set up.  Really cool.

After seeing everyone's sites, we were ready for something hot back at ours.  With a chocolate twist of course.  S'mores!  House guest kept signing more chocolate of course.  Love the skewers my brother and his family bought us.  They are really handy.

See our little pumpkins set up in the background?  Nik w/ a treat Irina bought him at t he store.

Yana and Alyona getting the marshmallows nice and goey.

After that, the young girls came inside from the cold to color some.  They love it.  Was way too chilly for showers that evening so all of us decided to wait till morning.  Smart call.  It was cold!

Some of the older kids were hanging out elsewhere and some of us were watching movies back inside.  We knew the next day would be very, very busy.  Had fun the first night.  Tent was nice and toasty w/ our heater.  Woke up the next morning to frost and hot apple cider I made them.  More to come on our weekend get away.